Difference Between

Difference Between Doctrine And Jurisprudence

Difference Between Doctrine And Jurisprudence

The science of law, better known as “jurisprudence,” differs from the “doctrine of law” by being attached to philosophical thought and not so much to the actions of professional practice.


It is the philosophy or way of thinking of a researcher who, through scientific experimentation or field tests, has obtained results referring to an area in question. It is the vision we have about a reality, its origins, achievements and difficulties.

The doctrine covers an established theme, of which it is about obtaining in-depth information to then be studied, and its achievements or results to be disseminated to a specific community.


In general terms, it is everything that happens in the science of law. Jurisprudence has to do with all the content, research, laws, regulations, specializations and other academic areas of the legal profession.

Jurisprudence is not only a branch of law as a study, since it involves all the requirements, both basic or general, as well as advanced or mandatory for the good and free exercise of the profession.

Difference between doctrine and jurisprudence

  • Doctrine may refer to a specific field of study, for example, religion, politics, science or arts.
  • Jurisprudence refers to the legal scope of law, so the name is purely of its powers.
  • Doctrine has to do with a researcher’s philosophy or vision of reality, referring to a topic in question.
  • Jurisprudence is issued as the exercise of criminal knowledge, or other specializations of law.
  • The doctrine in the case of law refers to the relevant knowledge about the administrative exercise.
  • Jurisprudence is governed by laws and regulations, which, despite being interpreted, cannot be changed.
  • The doctrine is not exclusive, despite being the legacy of an expert through its dissemination and knowledge, it may be susceptible to modifications.

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