Types And Examples Of Rubbing In Everyday Life

By definition, Rubbing is a term used to refer to the action of mobilizing two bodies at very close distances, which through their contact can produce electric fields or temperature changes, for example, when rubbing hands produces heat.

Types of rubbing:

Rubbing comes at various speeds and surfaces.

Speed ​​is included when seeking to create energy with the elements used or rubbed, while there may be rubbing which occurs through random contact, not being used for a specific energetic purpose, for example: rubbing the legs due to proximity.

On the other hand, rubbing exists through various surfaces, which only when they are in contact with each other create the rubbing action. For example: When a chair collides with one of the parts of the table, it achieves arbitrary friction.

Examples of rubbing:

  1. When hands rub together in constant and rapid movements, it means that they are rubbing to produce heat between them.
  2. In wounds, medications in ointments are used to relieve muscle pain, so the cream is rubbed into the skin, so that the nutrients pass through and the procedure is effective.
  3. When dancing, slight rubbing movements are made when the bodies come into contact with each other, for example in the tango or waltz.
  4. When you intend to clean a surface, tools such as gloves and detergents are used which must rub the dirty place. Depending on its origin, intense or light rubbing is used to remove the stains.
  5. Light is produced by rubbing two surfaces with electromagnetic charges.
  6. When a person scratches they are making a rubbing movement that goes from the nails to the surface of the skin, which if done with great force can break the tissues.

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