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Explore All Types Of Jaguar Animals In The Amazon Rainforest

The jaguar is a feline that is distributed in swampy areas of various countries. This animal can weigh up to 135 kilos and have a length of 2.35 meters or a little less.

It has a beautiful coat which is why it has become an endangered species due to hunters who look for its skin to sell in the fashion market.

What is it?

The jaguar, yaguar or panthera onca, is a large feline that lives in mudflats and swampy areas found on the banks of rivers. This robust species measures 2.35 meters in length with a weight of around 100 or 135 kilograms.

Its skin is covered by brown, yellow, or reddish fur with irregular black lines along its body. It is a very agile animal that travels long distances in a short time. It also loves water and knows how to swim.

Its diet consists of animal species that it finds in rivers such as turtles, fish, alligators, or anacondas.

The female of the species is smaller than the male and may have slightly darker fur. Usually, jaguars of a more yellowish tone are what are kept in plain sight since they are excellent hunters.

There is also a species of black jaguars, which can be confused with panthers, although unlike true black panthers, these can have stripes or spots like those found on brown ones.

The jaguar has larger proportions than other felines such as leopards and they are also the only ones that live on the American continent.

Explore All Types Of Jaguar

Types of jaguar

There are 9 species of jaguars in the world, distributed throughout the American continent from the south to the north.

  1. onca palustris: Also known as the southern jaguar or southern jaguar. They can be found in the swamps of Brazil and Paraguay.
  2. onca onca: This species is found in the countries Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia, as it is part of the fauna of the great Orinoco River. It is a very large, strong and muscular species.
  3. onca goldmani: This species is found in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, but due to a history of extinction of other species in these territories, they are under custody for their protection.
  4. onca hernandesii: This species lives in western Mexico in the territories of Sinaloa and also in territories of Guatemala.
  5. onca arizonensis: This jaguar existed in the territories of the United States and Mexico until 1980 when they became extinct due to the fur trade.
  6. onca peruviana: It is found in the areas of the northern Peruvian coast and in the tropical areas of Ecuador.
  7. onca centralis: It is a typical species from Central America. They can be found in Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, but species have also been seen in Colombia.
  8. onca veraecrucis: This jaguar has only been seen in Mexican territories.

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