Pixel Starships APK

Pixel Starships APK

Pixel Starships APK There is an 8-bit graphic game with the theme of a spaceship with a tactical theme that brothers in the world whisper to each other quite a lot, curious to try it out. And this is the feeling after playing Pixel Starships APK for a day.

What is Introducing Pixel Starships APK

Create your own spaceship, upgrade yourself, enjoy yourself, fight and travel around the galaxy by yourself, everything comes to hand so it’s quite fun.

Pixel Starships APK
Pixel Starships APK
Name Pixel Starships APK
Package Name com.savysoda.pixelstarships
Publisher Savy Soda
Category Strategy
Version 0.988.4
Size 63M
Price FREE
Request Android 5.0

Game for tinkering hands and like to challenge patience

Pixel Starships APK is simply a matter of slowly building up a spaceship to your liking, then continuing to equip the most advanced modern weapons in the galaxy to fly from there to explore every corner of the universe. Only that. Like a builder. You will embark on collecting stuff, building, developing, then building again, occupying the necessary places, upgrading, developing. The cycle continues until you are satisfied with your own results, which can be considered as a temporary end.

Some of you think that playing Pixel Starships APK for a long time feels a bit boring. I find that any game I play for a long time is boring. Hehe. The important thing is that you find the right taste, inspiration, and interests to be interested in tinkering. Moreover, everything in Pixel Starships is almost built from scratch. Must have enough courage to overcome long and wide days to survive. So the first quality of the players who can match the game is “ring”.

Gameplay Pixel Starships APK

There’s an intro that I honestly don’t really care about. After reading the publisher’s description, then just jump in and play, but still know for sure that the game’s plot is just “for yes”. Just using an excuse to roll up your sleeves and build a spaceship is nothing complicated or exciting. In general, if you don’t like it, you can skip, there is no hidden information here.

Then get in. We named the spaceship, put it in to get inspiration to build it up to a huge size slowly.

Then build. You will be able to choose 3 different styles of spaceship as background. This number is not much, even a little bit. But if you understand the long and detailed road to the very end, you will also realize that to “enjoy” all these 3 models, and reach the destination, it is not easy.

Corresponding to each type of spaceship, you will have different careers, which are quite badass, not very majestic. But never mind. I’ve been told there’s no logic here, so don’t expect anything more. For example you could be an intergalactic bandit’s spacecraft, a space federation garbage worker, an explorer’s spacecraft. Of course, there are 3 types of ships, so there are only 3 occupations anyway. It’s a bit poor. But let’s ignore it temporarily, because the focus of the game is not at this step.

To build up a spaceship from the available frameworks, you have to manage everything at hand, including personnel, mechanics, machinery, and weapons. Specifically recruiting crew members, upgrading specialized parts, upgrading machines, guns, launchers, defense systems… And don’t forget, the key element of any construction process is gathering resources. mineral resources in the universe.

Game mode Pixel Starships APK

Currently Pixel Starships APK has PvP as well. PvE and daily quests. But the highlight of which is probably PvP 1 on 1. The combat mechanism in this mode in my opinion is at a basic level. And by weight, it only accounts for 30% of the player’s time and mind. The remaining 70% is still in the construction and upgrading steps. At a certain point, when you have achieved the desired firepower, you will officially enter the war with other players’ spacecraft.

There are two stats to pay attention to throughout the journey, whether in build or combat. The first is the power stat. The second is the energy number lead. Strength depends on the upgrade of machines and weapons available, you will have a certain position in the battle. This will be obtained diligently and diligently, and there is nothing to worry about. The decisive victory or defeat of the battle lies in the energy level. High energy level means the spacecraft is strong. Before entering a battle, you have the task of customizing the appropriate amount of energy you want to use. Then use available weapons to attack enemy ships in combination with defensive equipment.

When using these weapons for a while, the mana level will be depleted. Then it’s the opponent’s turn to attack, you take the battle. Kind of like the turn-based combat in role-playing games. But here the rules are stricter. If you choose the wrong energy level and aim at the enemy’s weak point, it is considered a waste, and it is enough to wait for it to be received. So take turns. Each of these PvP matches will take place within about 5 minutes.

The story of fighting and defeating in Pixel Starships is not too surprising or too poetic. But it is also a spice that should be included in this type of game. But it’s boring to build build without any specific goal.

Travel across the vast galaxy Pixel Starships APK

Once you’ve built your makeshift spaceship, you’ll continue to perfect it along the way. But it’s time to start the engine to let the ship go around to discover new planets in the vast universe. Gaze into the endless expanse of space, uncover the mysteries of the galaxy, seek out this feeling of floating and small in the midst of the ends. You will have a very different feeling, more adventurous and wandering than what you have just experienced.

Download Pixel Starships APK for Android

The 8-bit Pixel Starships APK focuses on construction but has a mix of PvP or PvE combat, Arcade in the stages of collecting materials and continuously building spaceships. But the gameplay is also quite attractive and mixes many genres. An experience worth trying for the pandemic season is nowhere as safe as staying at home.

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