Need for Speed No Limits APK

Need for Speed No Limits APK

Need for Speed ​​No Limits APK, one of the versions of the famous Need for Speed ​​series from the publisher Electronic Arts is considered completely different from the previous parts. Racing game but has a lot of interesting things worth contemplating.

Introducing Need for Speed No Limits APK

Speed ​​racing is beautiful, cool, and has too many differences.

Need for Speed No Limits APK
Need for Speed No Limits APK


NameNeed for Speed ​​No Limits
RequestAndroid 4.4

Need for Speed ​​No Limits APK, one of the versions of the famous Need for Speed ​​series from the publisher Electronic Arts is considered completely different from the previous parts. Racing game but has a lot of interesting things worth contemplating.


Introducing Need for Speed ​​No Limits

Speed ​​racing is beautiful, cool, and has too many differences

Easy to play, easy to integrate

The way to operate in Need for Speed ​​No Limits is also quite basic, not much different from other speed racing games. Touch the screen left and right to navigate, swipe up to activate Nitro, swipe down to drag the car drift or slow down. If you have played through many games of the same genre, you are probably familiar with this layout structure and control method. In my opinion, combining movements like this is the most effective and easiest way to play racing. The fact that the screen does not display too many control buttons also makes Need for Speed ​​No Limits raise a level in terms of layout: neat, smooth, clear vision and showing all the beauty of the graphics.

Blueprint, the soul of every upgrade

To keep the Need for Speed No Limits APK-rich in many ways, Need for Speed ​​No Limits has quite a few different game modes. Campaign Mode with mission types such as limited-time racing, normal racing, challenge… In each form, it is divided into many different Chapters. The rewards of each type are more or less different, but most will be in-game money, Blueprints, and Fuel Gauge fuel. Through these rewards, you will gradually upgrade the parts, characteristics of the car and even collect new cars to be ready for the next race.

Speaking of which, more must be said about the Blueprint case. This is a new car blueprint. And also the big difference, bring a lot of excitement in this game. Usually, when I see racing games, I simply upgrade the car, customize the car and then open a new car completely when I have enough points. But here things don’t work out like that, You will have a hard time getting Blueprint. And when you have it, you will feel extremely satisfied. Because Blueprint is not only the key to bringing new racing cars but also something for you to manually choose and upgrade equipment large and small for your supercar.

Fuel and spare parts of Need for Speed No Limits APK

ote. When racing will definitely consume fuel. Monitor Fuel status in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you run out of fuel, you will have to wait for a while or pay immediately to fill up Fuel before continuing the race. The fuel problem is not only to be observed but also to be continuously upgraded. Because over time, upgrades will bring vehicles that are both more fuel-efficient and faster.

On the track, you’ll occasionally come across car parts “pieces” here and there in the form of surprise gift boxes. Spare parts are also available as you finish the race and level up. Each time, there are 2-4 parts for you to assemble and upgrade for the car.

As for the exterior of the car, it is attractive heaven. You can customize the car comfortably with many details fitted to your teeth. From correcting car colors, adding accessories, changing wheels, stickers… Another interesting point compared to previous games is: corresponding to each level, the way the car is customized will also be given different gifts, the deeper you go, the more possibilities you have. the more broad and profound the capacity.

Graphics and sound, the soul of a quality racing game

To talk about the difference of Need for Speed No Limits APK, first, we have to talk about visuals and sound lines. A racing game without these two things is just a mess. This time Need for Speed™ No Limits has done a very good job with the task of “suck the eyes and ears” of the players. The game show is intense with a series of high quality graphics, top effects. The appearances of the shiny supercars, the elaborately adorned streets with shadow effects, complex lighting effects, and anti-tear effects are also included to create attractive massive 3D scenes. .

The supercars this time are all monster drivers. Beautiful inside and out and full of big names in the racing village like the pitiful Hoonigan, the sophisticated and powerful Toyota GT86… The car customization part is a huge excitement, giving the manufacturer the opportunity to show off all their talents. his 3D simulation design skills. Whoever plays racing is no matter how difficult it is to nod in satisfaction.

The sound line is more convincing than the visual line. Exciting, attractive background music, the car’s roaring sound, the sound of Nitro to activate acceleration will make you “flicker” and stand still in the chair. The excitement is maintained from the beginning to the end of the race, not the head and tail of the rat. If I had to rank a racing game with the best sound, I would definitely put Need for Speed ​​No Limits in the top 5.

Just looking and listening, it looks like a super product, but what about when you really put your hands on it?

The battles in Need for Speed No Limits APK are many and varied, and the duration is short. For many people, sometimes it’s quite trivial that makes the game become fragmented. But for those of you who like fast food to win quickly and without spending too much time and effort, this game will be a great choice.

Almost Need for Speed ​​No Limits also has no special storyline. Just a few lead lines that show you as a real gangster character roaming the underworld and then the races begin. For me personally, when I play racing, I don’t need much of a plot, it’s important whether the racing experience is good or not. And with Need for Speed ​​No Limits, this experience is currently very good.

Download Need for Speed ​​No Limits APK for Android

Superfast racing, brief gameplay, good controls, reasonable layout, terrible graphics, and sound. The mechanics of upgrading cars and leveling up are different from many games I’ve played. Everyone has different compliments and criticisms, but so far, this is the only racing Need for Speed No Limits APK I’ve played.

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