Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK

Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK  (Unlimited Money)

Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK is such a game. Besides traditional racing games like Asphalt 9 or GRID Autosport , off-road racing games still have their own place for players. Not the speed or the expensive supercars, the fun of these games comes from the super driving techniques or an impressive stunt in the air of the driver. Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is such a game.

Name Mad Skills BMX 2
Package Name com.turborilla.bmx2
Publisher Turborilla
Category Racing
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 2.4.8
Size 89M
Price FREE
Request Android 4.4

Introducing Mad Skills BMX 2 APK

The game of the publisher Turborilla is always in the top of the most popular off-road racing games on Google Play.

Become a professional racer Mad Skills BMX 2 APK

You may think this is a game that lacks depth with repetitive gameplay, but when you master the difficult techniques of Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK , you will feel extremely excited. Starting as an amateur racer, you progress by completing levels sequentially, where your opponents are the game’s AIs. Of course, you cannot advance to the next level until you defeat the opponent at the current level.

Your progress starts from Beginner, Amateur, Master and finally Professional. Each level includes 10 levels corresponding to the skills and lessons that you need to master. You can go back and complete the old levels to beautify your profile.


In terms of control, Mad Skills BMX 2 has a simple and easy-to-understand control mechanism, suitable for touch screens. Only the two up and down arrows on the right side of the screen are used to control the balance of the vehicle while it is in the air. 

The up arrow helps you go uphill and make bunny-hop jumps. Meanwhile, the down arrow helps you roll down the hill or land faster. The control mechanism is nothing complicated. The problem is, you need to control flexibly and have good touch.

Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK 

Since the speed of the racers is the same, a racer’s skill determines whether he wins or loses. Besides, the game also has a rocket booster key and a flip button for you to perform a backflips. Each match lasts only 10 seconds, stay awake and perform difficult moves to beat the best opponents.

Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK  Play with friends

Besides Campaign mode, you can connect the game to your personal Facebook account and challenge your friends in online mode. Not stopping there, you can also play with other players around the globe. Invite your friends, family or neighbors to join the fun races in Mad Skills BMX 2 APK.

Don’t forget to upgrade your car!

Your bicycles can be improved in some stats such as speed, jump, endurance, elasticity … by upgrading some equipment. At some levels, you can notice the difference of opponents. That’s when you need to upgrade your car to regain balance. Besides, you can customize your athlete with some costumes such as shirt, hat, shoes, ..


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Mad Skills BMX 2 Graphics have been improved

It can be easily seen that the graphics of Mad Skills BMX 2 have been upgraded compared to its predecessor. Better picture quality, better designed characters. Besides, the physical rule in the game is extremely amazing. This is what helps the game attract millions of players around the globe.

Each match, you will experience a different location and terrain. Since this is an adventure racing sport, there are quite a few risks for athletes to have an accident. Each terrain brings you new challenges.

Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK version

Mad Skills BMX 2 Features MOD

Mad Skills BMX 2 is completely free game. However, the cost to upgrade and the price of the cars is very expensive. You can buy them with cash or wait until you have enough money – maybe a few months if you play hard.

When you download our Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK, the game gives you full money, gold and boosters mod feature. Just download and enjoy the game anytime.

Download Mad Skills BMX 2 MOD APK for Android

If you are a lover of extreme motorsport, Mad Skills BMX 2 is a perfect choice for you. Attractive gameplay, good quality images and great handling are what I want to say about this game. Trust me. The game will not let you down.

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