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Different Types Of Violence YOU NEED To Know About

Different types of violence differ in the way they manifest themselves. They are produced by the use of physical force or power over oneself, a person or a group, causing some type of damage.

The types of violence can be classified as physical, psychological, moral, sexual, economic, and social violence.

Different Types of Violence

Acts of violence can use one or more types of violence. As in cases of domestic violence, in which acts of physical violence are usually accompanied by psychological, moral, sexual, or economic violence.

What are The Different Types Of VIOLENCE in our Society?

Characteristics of aggression acts of violence
Physical violence Using physical force blows injuries Physical presentations (pulling, pushing, nailing, etc.)
Psychological violence psychological oppression threats humiliations intimidations
moral violence Oppression or exposure of the person. defamation slander blackmail
sexual violence Imposition of sexual imprinting without consent abuse Harassment Rape Exposure to or nudity Practice of unwanted sexual acts
economic violence Theft of assets or imposition of economic dependency Retention of assets or capital Theft Theft
social violence Repression or oppression of minority groups Discrimination segregation Intolerance

1. Physical violence

Physical violence is the use of physical force on someone. Slapping, punching, kicking, pulling, pushing or using any device in order to impose oneself through the use of physical force, oppress, injure or cause any type of physical harm.

2. Psychological and moral violence

On the other hand, psychological and moral violence uses offensive words or acts as a form of aggression. Humiliation, exposure, insults or oppression and submission cause the victim to be coerced without the need to use physical force.

3. Sexual violence

Sexual violence occurs when acts of violence take on a sexual nature. Harassment, abuse, rape and rape are considered acts of sexual violence.

These cases occur when there is no consent between the parties or when the victim cannot oppose the act. As in cases of violence against children, the elderly, people with cognitive deficits or temporary incapacity.

4. Economic violence

Patrimonial or economic violence occurs when a person or group denies or takes away property or means of subsistence. This type of violence can be characterized as theft, robbery, theft or impediments.

In some cases of violence against women, the aggressor uses the victim’s economic dependence to oppress and subjugate her.

5. Social violence

Social violence is produced by the use of force by one social group over another. Social violence is understood as discrimination, prejudice, disrespect for differences, intolerance or the submission of a group.

6. Domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs within the family nucleus. It can be caused by a partner, relatives or guardians. Within this classification, cases of violence against women and cases of violence against children predominate.

What is Violence

Each category receives different attention from the State through laws and forms of prevention.

Violence against women:

Violence against women can occur within marital relations (legal marriage or intimate relationship) and the classifications and sanctions for aggressors are provided for in LAW No. 26,485.

In these cases, generally, the following are present:

  • physical violence
  • Mental or emotional violence
  • sexual violence
  • economic violence

However, it is necessary to realize that violence against women can also occur outside the home or outside of any type of intimate relationship.

Acts of this form of violence can be caused by known or unknown people, on the street, in work environments, in social areas, etc.

Violence against children:

Violence against children occurs inside or outside the home through the imposition of physical punishment on the child. Other forms of violence arise from intimidation and persuasion.

As a way to stop the use of physical punishment against children, in Argentina the so-called Comprehensive Protection Law No. 26,061 was published. 

Other forms of violence against children are “bullying  and  cyberbullying” , where children are humiliated at school or on social media.

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