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Difference Between Development And Growth

Growth refers to a quantitative increase in economic indicators like GDP, population, or income. On the other hand, development encompasses qualitative improvements in living standards, infrastructure, education, and healthcare, focusing on long-term sustainability and human well-being.

Difference between development and growth:

  • Development has a qualitative value, that is, development refers to the improvement of a person on a biological, mental or economic level. Economic development addresses large economic changes.
  • Growth is quantitative, it is a value that can be measured, in humans and animals it is measured with changes in height or size. Economic growth addresses a much smaller change than development.


The term development is used as a synonym for evolution. It refers to a process of change related to a specific situation, object, or individual. Development refers to various aspects such as human development, economic development and sustainable development,

Human development is defined as the improvement in the quality of life of people. It integrates social, political, and economic aspects that, when united, are related to social evolution. Human development seeks to provide people with the opportunities to choose the life project that best suits their tastes.

The development of the economy is defined by the capacity of a country to generate wealth and provide well-being to its inhabitants.

Development from a human point of view is defined as the development that the human body presents with growth. It is defined as the change and specialization of the organs.


Growth is a term used to refer to an increase in quantity or size of a thing, animal, person or situation.

In the case of people and animals, we speak of growth when there is an increase in cell mass. This occurs through various mechanisms such as hyperplasia or hypertrophy. This process occurs from conception to adulthood.

It is used to designate favorable advances within the economy and indicates the ability of a country or a country to create wealth to generate well-being in an estimated period.

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