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YouTube Music MOD APK

YouTube Music MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v4.66.51

YouTube Music MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v4.66.51

YouTube Music MOD APK is an application to stream music from Youtube. With two distinctive advantages is a series of music videos and cover songs that are sometimes even more popular than the original. Let’s learn about this interesting application.

Name YouTube Music
Package Name
Publisher Google LLC
Category Music & Sounds
MOD FEATURES Premium Unlock
Version 4.66.51
Size 29M
Request Android
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YouTube Music MOD APK

YouTube Music MOD APK is an application to stream music from Youtube. With two distinctive advantages is a series of music videos and cover songs that are sometimes even more popular than the original. Let’s learn about this interesting application.

YouTube Music: The world of music in the palm of your hand

No one does not know about YouTube, the video platform that has been so successful in the market today. Then it’s time to know about YouTube Music. This is an application developed by YouTube itself, which can be considered a product branch in the YouTube ecosystem. Specialized for listening/watching music online. This market has previously been led by big players like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazone Music HD, and Mora Qualitas. Now with its unique presence, YouTube Music promises to bring a new style of music enjoyment, on the mobile phone every day.

As a branch of YouTube, YouTube Music itself has its own advantages that are second to none

Made by YouTube itself, YT music premium APK naturally owns two indispensable specialties on YouTube: one is the million-view music MVs, the other is the work of the favorite “cover artists” in each country. family. And next to it is a music store without video.

All have created a huge amount of content for YouTube Music premium apk with the number currently approximately more than 50 million songs. Of that, up to 20 million are from cover artists and freelance artists. This is the huge piece of data that brings millions of views and millions of subscriptions that other music streaming apps don’t have because they are subject to copyright laws.

Next is the exclusive content that has only been posted on the official YouTube MOD APK of famous artists until now, including live shows, world tours, closed performances of indie and underground artists… This is also a treasure that attracts customers to other music streaming applications that are far from being done.

Not stopping there, YouTube Music APK may have heard too many complaints from users everywhere about the ad, sometimes making viewers jump because of surprise and lack of interest. In YouTube Music PRO, there is almost no sign of advertising. If available in free mode, it is also very ethereal, concise and the same volume as the music you are listening to. Those who are using prepaid mode will no longer see ads, super love it.

Main features in YouTube Music

In the youtube music premium apk there are three basic pages: Home/Hotlist and Library. Each page has its own function but will generally include basic sections such as Search, Suggested List, Featured List of the Week, User History, Favorite Artist List.

The most notable is the ability to search and smart suggestions

Taking advantage of YouTube’s worldwide database of millions of people, along with a solid AI platform, YouTube Music automatically archives all your scattered searches. And from there, offer lists of recommendations according to the “gut” of the user, including the latest videos/music songs of your favorite artists in the “Live performances” section that are very popular with users.

Another interesting thing for global music lovers is: on YouTube Music  MOD APKyou won’t find any “unintentional” information such as games, news, TV shows… all just music and music only.

Listening to music offline is fine, no problem

Usually, a massive online music player always has a problem with the amount of memory occupied on the phone every time it is used. Some need an extremely stable internet connection to work. To minimize all that annoyance. YouTube Music PRO APK supports the Save Song function for offline listening via ad-free and ad-free paid modes.


Wide range of use

Currently, almost everywhere can use this Kiwi VPN Proxy MOD APK, not only in officially deployed countries (USA, Australia, Canada …). Although logging in to your account is a bit cumbersome when you have to have a fake ID from official countries to use it. But this still does not stop music lovers.

And some other cool little things

For example, the “Song stations” feature will suggest videos with a similar topic to the one you are watching to continue playing. You can also choose “relevance” from less to more so that the app will automatically make choices from narrow to broad and suggest you.

Or when you have liked a few songs and want to listen to them once, just tick “Like” on that song to put it in a playlist of your own.

YouTube Music MOD APK version

Features MOD APK

Premium Unlock

How to install YouTube Music MOD APK

  1. Download Vanced Manager via the link below the article.
  2. Open Vanced Manager to install YouTube Music (latest version).
  3. Select YouTube Music settings.
  4. Select the installation method (Root/Non-Root).
  5. If your phone is not Rooted, please install MicroG first.

If you have problems installing YouTube Music Premium, please leave a comment. We will reply as soon as possible.

If you have Vanced Manager installed, you can also install YouTube Vanced to watch YouTube without ads.

Download Youtube Music Premium MOD APK for Android

Although there are some limitations in the interface, the displayed image (especially the music cover) is not uniform. The feature set is also not rich enough. But in exchange for the above indisputable advantages, YouTube Music is clearly an online music application that goes into the hearts of people and is extremely worth using.

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