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What is an Association? Definition And Meaning

An association is called the union of people or entities for a common purpose , for example: professional associations, unions, commercial associations, neighborhood associations, among others.

In reference to the above, associations are permanently destined to achieve their common objectives, which can be divided into two classes; those whose objective is the satisfaction of spiritual, intellectual or moral needs, and those that also aim at purely material ends.

In reference to the above, there are different types of associations, it all depends on what the interested people want. As is the case, the joint venture is characterized by being a contract in which one person joins with another who cooperates with the goods or services in exchange for obtaining profits or losses from the activity.

For its part, the trade association is an organization that is characterized by the development and protection of the professional activities carried out by its members. In turn, the neighborhood association is the integration of neighbors with the objective of protecting and preserving the neighborhood.

In the legal area , associations are characterized by being groups of people with the objective of carrying out a common collective activity, democratically by their own members, and non-profit and independent of any political party, company or organization.

On the other hand, in psychology, two types of associations are observed:

  • Free association is a method of psychoanalysis, instituted by Sigmund Freud, in which it consists of expressing all ideas and images without any type of restriction, although sometimes their thoughts or visions do not make sense. The psychoanalyst must interpret the patient’s emotions and psychic functioning.
  • Association of ideas , the spirit passes from one idea to another in a purely mechanical, automatic, passive way, and without being guided by logical intuition. In the time of David Hume (1711-1776), the principles of association appeared as “laws”, intended to explain not only how one idea follows another, but also how the human spirit constructs the entire body of knowledge. .

Finally, the association can also be seen as a literary figure , in which the individual applies to himself what is said with respect to others. This is the case of the lawyer who, when mentioning his client, speaks of “us.”

What is Intraspecific association?

In the field of biology, the word association has a very broad meaning, it refers to the union between living beings, sets or aggregates of biological forms in a given area in order to achieve protection, nutrition and defense, such as example: sardine schools.

Based on the above information, there are varying degrees of association, from parasitism in which only one of the parties benefits, while the other is harmed. Also, there are state associations in which individuals organize and divide their work, like ants.

What Is Civil association?

The civil association is the union of several people with the objective of promoting actions of a social nature, such as art, culture, sports, education, human rights, as well as carrying out actions in favor of discriminated and mistreated groups, such as for example: animals, children, among others.

With reference to their creation and regulation, each country establishes requirements and conditions for their operation, which are established in the Civil Code and other laws. In the case of Mexico, they are regulated by the Civil Code at the Federal level, and by the Civil Codes in force in each State of the Republic at the local level.

Generally, the following is required for its foundation:

  • Denomination or social reason.
  • Identification of associates.
  • Document containing the wording of the social statutes that contemplates the objective of the association, the internal operating rules, as well as all other relevant data of the same.
  • The existence of accounting.
  • Permits and licenses to start operations.
  • Formalize the constitution before a notary public, or before the competent authority.

What is Illicit association?

In principle, associations are established under a lawful objective. However, there are people who organize themselves under an association with the objective of committing crimes, that is, committing activities that are punishable by criminal law and proceed against the Constitutional Principles, such as: drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, homicides, among others, and this is what is known as an illicit association.

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