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What Are The 7 Different Types Of Vandalism?

Vandalism is a set of illegal actions that are carried out to cause harm or damage to private property or state property. Vandalism is practiced by people of different ages, although it is more common for young people to do it.

What Are The Different Types Of Vandalism

What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is an illegal, illicit, and improper attitude and procedure that causes often irreversible damage to the integrity of a person or property, for unjustified reasons.

Likewise, vandalism consists of generating a reaction or a negative impact on the environment, to make known a contrary position and ideology. This behavior arose from Germanic barbarian groups who behaved savagely without reason. Since then, any primitive and destructive attitude is considered vandalism.

Vandalism is practiced by people of different ages, from young people to children, and for different reasons, often inappropriate.

Some causes that may lead a person to vandalism are irresponsibility, lack of respect for society, behavioral disorders, psychotic disorders, neurotic disorders, aggressive people, people who abuse the handicap of other people, lack of public control or lack of legal penalty for illegal acts in a state.

Vandalism is capable of causing deterioration of public spaces, buildings, parks, symbolic monuments, gender violence, bullying, theft, invasion of private areas, destruction of cars, among other harmful behaviors.

7 Different Types of vandalism:

Basically 6 types of vandalism were known, but with technological advances one more has been added to the list, leaving a group of 7 types of vandalism that depend on the activity carried out.

1.Acquisitive vandalism: It consists of an illegal act aimed at the theft or theft of other people’s property, whether private (a person’s, for example a wallet) or public (state property, for example a light bulb in a square).

2. Tactical vandalism: It is an act of vandalism carried out in order to attract attention through said aggression or damage and is very common in young people with behavioral problems.

3. Ideological vandalism: The perpetrators or the author of the act try to express an opinion of opposition to a specific event, so they proceed to violate public property with a slogan or threats aimed at the cause they oppose.

4. Vengeful vandalism: It is characterized by harming a specific person, for reasons that the author considers fair, taking justice into one’s own hands without measuring the consequences.

5. Playful vandalism: This type of vandalism does not involve intentional damage to third parties, since it is more for fun on the part of the authors, who recreate themselves through illegal activity. For example, a graffiti competition on the walls of private buildings.

6. Perverse vandalism : It is the hysterical response of a person that leads them to cause damage to any object that crosses their path and can be kicking public trash cans, breaking car windows, among others.

7. Cyber ​​Vandalism: With technological advancement people have discovered ways to violate the privacy of websites causing harm to the targeted public. It is known as “hacking” whether it is a website, a social network or any other web portal to upload inappropriate content to cyberspace.

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