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Different Types Of Requisition

The term requisition is used to refer to actions by the army to appropriate any object that is necessary for survival in combat zones, for example, upon finding an uninhabited house the army appropriates it and turns it into its refuge, this is an act of requisition.

Requisition is often considered an unfair act since it is based on appropriating the objects, merchandise, or profits of other people to deliver them to those who make up national security.

“A requisition is a formal request or order made for the procurement of goods or services, typically submitted to a supplier or department within an organization. It outlines the specifics of the desired items or services, including quantity, specifications, and delivery details”.

Types of requisition

Requisitions can be developed in several ways, among the most relevant are the way between merchants or carriers in which customs payment would be the delivery of merchandise.

The second most controversial form of requisition is in an authoritarian manner, taking possession of items or places that may be useful to the troops. The seizure by the State of premises, inhabited or uninhabited areas, businesses, among other entities, for military reasons.

Horse requisition

The term requisition is used for the counting of horses carried out by stable owners or, failing that, by the military during periods of combat.

Expense control requisition

The word requisition is used to designate the control of expenses produced by a business. These expenses must be for the improvement of the premises whether in legal, structural or salary terms. A requisition refers to a list of things paid for to maintain control of economic entry and exit.

Organizational requisition

Opting for a requisition is creating a list of things to do or cancel within a routine, such as rent, office supplies, maintenance purchases, travel expenses, salaries or bills.

Forced requisition

This occurs when the inspection of trucks carrying food, textile merchandise, or any other order is carried out.

As well as by pressuring a person to offer their services (transport, cooking, sewing, cleaning) to the army in exchange for not expropriating their premises or home, an authoritarian order requisition is being carried out.

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