Different Types Of Peaches: List And Its Names

Different Types Of Peaches

Peaches are fruits that come from the peach tree and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The peach came from Afghanistan, China, and Iran and reached the West thanks to the Romans.

There is a wide variety of types of peaches:

Names Of Peaches & Its Types:


It is a variety that does not have velvety skin like other peaches. They can come from a tree with common or downy peaches from a graft or as a result of a mutation.


They are fruits with white flesh, very sweet and with little acid flavor. They are popular in China, Japan and other Asian countries.


They are a variety with shiny skin and hard meat that sticks to the seed or bone.


Pavías are also a variety of Persian, whose fruit has smooth skin and juicy flesh that sticks to the bone. On the other hand, in many areas the pavia is identified as any peach in which the flesh does not adhere to the stone.

Paraguayans and platerinas

Paraguayans, also known as chatos, are flattened peaches with hairiness. The Paraguayans have pubescent fruits (with hairs on the epicarp) and the platerinas have glabrous fruits, they do not have pubescence.

Given the wide variety of peaches that we can find, these are also classified as:

Yellow flesh varietals

They are peaches that have pink or dark red skin on a yellow background. They are kidney-shaped and mature in mid-July, August and until early September. In this group are the Redhaven, Harbelle, the Harrow Diamond, the Early Loring, the John Boy II, the Reliance, the Redkist, the Cresthaven, the Scarlet Príncipe, the Messina, the Biscoe, the Ouachita Gold, the Parade and the Victory.

White meat varieties

They are kidney-shaped and have pink and red skin. Its pulp is white and depending on the variety, we can find red or pink tones on yellow or completely red skin. In this variety we can find the Saturno, the Snowbrite, the Snow Giant, the Klondike White, the Blushing Star, Raritan Rose, the Sugar Giant, the Snow King, the Lady Nancy, the White Hale, the White Star, the Melba, the Georgian Belle and the Palace.

Nectarine varieties

Nectarines are also peaches, but they have smooth, clear skin. In this variety we can find the Sunglo, the Redgold, the Fantasia (with very bright red skin), the Lexington and the Stark Ovation, both of which are made of yellow pula.

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