Different Types of File Cabinets: Features And Types

File cabinets come in vertical designs, storing files front-to-back, or lateral designs, storing files side-to-side; they can also be classified as metal, wooden, or mobile cabinets with wheels for flexibility.

different types of file cabinets

There are many types of file folders, which is why when choosing one you must take into account some aspects such as the rings, the color, the manufacturing material or the width it has. Each of these features corresponds to a specific function or utility, so you’ll need to know what you’ll need.

What is a File Cabinet?

It is a piece of furniture or folder that allows us to file, record, save and preserve documents, folders and any element that we wish to store.

Types of file cabinets

Next, we will show some types of filers according to their characteristics:

Filing cabinets by manufacturing material

This type of filing cabinet is commonly found in workplaces such as offices , since they can be made of different materials, whose main characteristic is its hardness and durability, in this way the documents will be well protected.

Among the most used materials we have:

cardboard filing cabinets

They are quite resistant and durable , they are made with a material based on recycled paper and have a fairly notable thickness and rigidity. This characteristic is obtained by superimposing layers of cardboard during their production.

There are also file cabinets made with lined cardboard and, in addition, they have plain or printed colors. Some cardboard file cabinets come laminated to reinforce their durability.

PVC filing cabinets

These types of file cabinets, like cardboard ones, are highly used in offices . Their characteristic is that they come lined in PVC, a highly resistant plastic material. Its variety of colors is wide with many chromatic tones and they come in different thicknesses depending on the number of documents to be stored.

They are quite flexible models and can effectively resist humidity, this makes PVC filing cabinets a very good option when it comes to archiving documents for a fairly long time.

Filing cabinets according to their color range

It is common for office environments to use dark-colored file cabinets that are not very attractive to the eye. But many of them are made in a wide range of colors that range from dark and basic tones to the most colorful.

Among the colors of the file cabinets you can find primary tones, intense colors, pastel colors and some of them even come in fluorescent tones.

Color selection depends on each person’s preference and the number of colors available in the office. Some colors can make great combinations that will decorate the visual environment at work.

Filing cabinets according to spine width

When it comes to this feature, we have many types of file cabinets. The thickness of the spine will depend on the number of documents to be stored, but as a standard the most common ones can measure from 70 millimeters to 80 millimeters . Even so, there are some thinner ones that can measure up to 30 millimeters.

File folders by the size of their rings

The rings that the binders contain can measure from 25 millimeters to 75 millimeters, although generally these will have a size according to their thickness. The function of the rings is to hold the documents and keep them in order so that they do not get mixed up. The number of rings depends on the binder , but they usually have two or even four of them.

What is the best file cabinet?

When it comes to different file cabinets, it is advisable to choose the one that best suits your needs. That is why some aspects must be taken into consideration , since the choice of the best filing cabinet will be adjusted to the purpose for which it will be used and of course, the number of documents that will be stored.

The material is important

The material with which the file cabinet is made is essential, because depending on the function it is going to perform, it will need a certain material.

If you want to archive documents for a fairly long time , plastic filing cabinets will be recommended , since they have high resistance and are not affected by humidity.

The material that the file cabinet is made of will have a significant impact on the protection of the documents.

The number of documents to save

This is an important factor, since depending on the number of documents to be stored, a specific filing cabinet will be needed. The characteristic that should be taken into account the most is the width; the larger it is, the more documents it can hold.

The recommended size is between 70 and 80 millimeters as mentioned above.

The aesthetics of the file cabinet

The color of the file cabinets says a lot about what they contain and the purpose of those documents. In general, dark and subdued colors are used in companies dedicated to administration, since these filing cabinets do not have the need to decorate the workspace.

On the other hand, if the company is dedicated to recreational activities or any social field, the filing cabinets can have more striking colors corresponding to all tones, from the most basic to the fluorescent ones. This will have the function of decorating the space and giving greater visual harmony.

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