Tiny Landlord MOD APK

Building a modern bustling city with your own hands is the ultimate goal of any Tiny Landlord MOD APK player. This can be called a game that turns a big dream into a great reality.

What is Introducing Tiny Landlord MOD APK

Build the city of your dreams!

Tiny Landlord MOD APK
Tiny Landlord MOD APK
Name Tiny Landlord
Package Name de.badmonkee.tinylandlord
Publisher PlayCade Interactive
Category Simulation
MOD FEATURES Free Shopping
Version 2.3.3
Size 188M
Price FREE
Request Android 7.0

What’s strange about the construction simulation game Tiny Landlord?

Tiny Landlord is a fun city building simulator with simple gameplay. The highlight of the game lies in the abundance of buildings that you can build yourself, including private houses, high-rise buildings, streets, workshops, factories, hospitals, schools, parks, and wharfs. ports, garages, administrative agencies…

You play as a rich contractor. That said, but at first, there were only a few prime houses in the hands. With your macro vision, you see the bright future of the whole city and are determined to start building everything to give the people here a better and more comfortable life, and at the same time raise the bar for the city. The city has become a modern and proud destination of the country.

Reasonable construction, intelligent calculation, delicate start

You will start with the main and side roads, open up many new routes, monumental plots of land and gradually expand the area of ​​​​the whole city.

Once you have a solid foundation from a reasonable road system, you will proceed to build the necessary infrastructure for residents. Including power lines, power plants, water pipes, water treatment plants. Followed by public utilities and security services such as police stations, fire stations, hospitals, dispensaries, schools, vocational schools, waste treatment plants, fuel production plants, etc. Along with construction work, you are also responsible for recruiting personnel for these important areas: doctors, engineers, senior managers, police, firefighters, teachers. But always be careful not to overdo your arms because each employee is recruited from your existing funds. If these public services do not make a profit on their own, but just sit and spend no money, then it will be avalanche.

Then there are clusters of functional works to boost the economy inside and outside the city. Such as industrial parks, export processing zones, high-rise office buildings, manufacturing plants, processing things.

Once the economy is stable, you will consider the factors that bring happiness and a higher peace index to the residents here. Construction of parks, parking lots, taxi services, amusement parks, planting more trees, adding traffic signs on the road. This is my favorite period. Looking at a city that has gone into specific planning, this embellishment is like makeup on the face of an already beautiful girl. The more you do, the more you enjoy and discover many interesting spaces of this city.

Balance input and output, the key to long-term success

Doing so many things, proves that you have spent a lot of money from your investments. Building a modern, ideal city can also be seen as a great investment. The investment must be profitable. In the process of “spending money” doing all of the above, you will earn money to compensate and then from where?

The first is from every public service built. Taxes, electricity, water, environmental protection, money from public tree works, money collected from wastewater treatment services for factories, fines from law violations… Money also comes from the satisfaction of the citizens in the city. These are all your main sources of income for the balance between “investment” and “return”. The facilities are complete, the more reasonable the construction, the more money you will earn from satisfaction. Don’t let any disappointment show up because if you lose your money, you won’t be able to do anything else.


If “business is profitable”, you will have a wide way to do many other things. Including investment to expand the width and depth of the city, such as building ship ports and major roads connecting with other cities to create more trade momentum and attract more foreign investment. Next you can do whatever charity work you want such as raising money for needy citizens, solving problems of job shortage, awarding scholarships to outstanding individuals in schools. … If you want, you can also equip yourself with a few special vehicles such as luxury cars, private helicopters to freely see the results of the modern city you have just created.

Tiny Landlord MOD APK version

Features MOD

Free Shopping

Download Tiny Landlord APK & MOD for Android

The simulation game has a fairly wide scope, rich works, fast construction progress, a balance system between input and output, so it creates many advantages for all players. Tiny Landlord will help you create your own dream city.

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