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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK v33.1.3.99361

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK is a turn-based role-playing game from studio Scopey. In the The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK you play as a human captain, on the way to build a base, find companions and collect weapons to fight against the corrupt zombie army that is rotting the earth day by day.

The official zombie The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK not funny, not funny, not trolling at all. 

NameThe Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Package Namecom.scopely.headshot
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesIs not
RequestAndroid 4.4


Introducing The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

When youth seriously fight zombies!

The Zombie theme in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK is seriously exploited and very heavy

The four pillars of a typical Zombie The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK include: 

  1. Sharp graphics, natural rhythmic movement.
  2. Gameplay roll.
  3. Diverse scenes with depth.
  4. And the plot is subtle, logical.

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  6. And if you ask me for a suggestion for a classic zombie-themed phone game that meets the four pillars above, I will answer in a second, “Let’s play The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK”.
  7. You play as the captain of the anti-zombie team, neatly from the first minute. Although it is a role-playing The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK, there is a glimpse of the construction and management simulation style in it.
  8. Initially, when you have nothing in hand, your task is to build your own military base: find the right location, plan, gather resources, and complete the first foundations for the base. small military base.

The game is not for those who like to play

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK brings big and small challenges along the way, and each time you pass, you will have an extra cash or an invisible reward that is experience points. 

Money will be used to buy necessary items, weapons for yourself and your associates later, materials and resources to build a stronger base. And the experience points will help you accumulate experience and strength to prepare well mentally and physically.

Luckily for you, during this time, the zombies that appear are just a form of chasing flies for fun, nothing too tiring. I was playing imagining when the garden was empty, the pocket was empty, but a boss girl appeared and probably fainted. 

Actually, it’s not that the system is humane, but that the game maker wants to “fish” for players. It’s too hard to keep hold of people and people run away. The base has been planted, the next important step is here.

Prepare for zombies and exponential zombies

At the same time as decorating, strengthening and expanding the base, the leader will need to find his partners to deal with zombie enemies together. 

These associates are mostly seen on the road, when they see the agreement, they call back together, if not, they chat about it for fun and then go their separate ways. 

The flexible combination of the The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK lies here. It’s not like baby The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK like Kirby are AI it tells you that you have to accept it. Here I have the right to consider, learn, consider and choose. 

But given the choice, the “penalty” comes very quickly. Typically, after getting the first partner you like, you and that person have not had time to shake hands to celebrate what strategy table, a bunch of agile zombies suddenly appeared, fighting for a face-down battle. 

And they were obviously much more advanced than those zombies that roamed around while building the base.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK It goes on and on, exponentially. Every time there are more partners, prepare mentally, zombies come quickly, crowded and twice as strong as before.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

Gameplay is flexible and full of meaning

The meaning of The The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK : although you have to strain your brain to calculate how to beat the other zombies in a reasonable, quick and minimal way, but in return the system allows you to choose an attack target.

specifically among the hordes of enemies swarming in front of them. Even more loving allows you to be able to find and target the critical weak point of a strong zombie, and from there a hit is done.

As for the flexibility, as I shared above, the game allows choosing partners according to the player’s liking. And the scenes are displayed randomly, which means that the next time you play will always be different from the last time, so the feeling of excitement is always intact, even if you die ten thousand times.

Serious Zombie game, serious graphics, original plot

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK Originating from the hit series The Walking Dead, this game of the same name is considered to be close to the movie plot content.

 For those of you who don’t know the source of the problem, you can take a quick look at the movie summary on the internet before you start playing (I usually do it this way to save time, but gaming doesn’t even have enough time to sit and watch a few seasons). movie). 

And you can also see, the 2D graphic style in the game is also very similar to the character creation of the movie. In my opinion, this is a very good trick of the manufacturer, because I have not played the game, opening the first introductory frame is full of the feeling of “we belong together”.

 More difficult than the movie is that the The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK graphics are only 2D, so some renderings seem a bit stiff. But compared to the 2D pixel art of mobile phones, The Walking Dead did too well. 

I really seriously appreciate the seriousness of this The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK’s graphics. Can’t believe people can see through the screenshots in this post.  

Game music is also a plus. No need for a lot of effects, no need for complicated music rushing, just discrete pieces and a few notes dropped in the right place to make the episode become thrilling or to add fragrance and flowers to the heat chase. love in the The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

Download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK for Android

Just a small note: because of the violence and must-have gore scenes of the zombie theme, the game is labeled 16+. Brothers and sisters with children and grandchildren in the family want to try, they need to consider. When you’re old enough, be carefree. Download the super The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK  mobile game here.


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