Soul Hunters APK

Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters APK

Soul Hunters APK belongs to the genre of idle clicker role-playing game made by publisher Towards Mars Ltd. Play games with one hand, enhanced even offline. The game is dark, full of danger in the dungeons, but the plot is quite good and attractive. Please try and see.

Soul Hunters APK
Name Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters APK
Package Name com.towardsmars.dungeoncrusher
Publisher Towards Mars Ltd
Category Role-Playing
Version 6.1.20
Size 63M
Price FREE
Request Android 4.4

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Introducing Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters APK

Transforming into a hunter awakens the mighty soul and fixes the lost timeline

What style of gaming are you pursuing?

There are 3 types of people playing mobile games in the world: one who loves fighting, his limbs want to work non-stop, only hardcore fighting games, shooting punches, speed racing can satisfy this group of people…

The second group is quieter, more academic, and addicted to the pleasure of brooding over something. This group will typically look to heavy-duty strategy games, puzzle games, and object-finding games.

The third group, the strangest and I think the most, is lazy gaming. I’m sure it’s a typical example of this school. That means they still want to play the game, enjoy it, but don’t want too much pressure, don’t want to put in too much effort and time (of course, they don’t want to invest money).

This group has in common that they want to have fun but are too lazy to do too much for the game because they have many other cool things to do in real life. We want to play games conveniently, quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.

They just want to play the game with one hand, and the other hand to do other things. Even if you can find this game that has the ability to fight, fight, upgrade, collect items, it’s even better.

And if you have the same “will” as for me, love one-handed games, lazy clicker Idle, then let me introduce you to a pretty cool idle game that I just discovered.

What Is Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters APK

The game is called Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters. The name sounds very powerful and quite complicated, but believe me, it is like that chihuahua, it can only bully others with barking, but still has a gentle belly. Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters has a reputation for fighting dungeons with a confusing name full of menace, but is actually a game dedicated to the lazy crowd.

The setting in the game is a series of dark, gloomy dungeons of the Ode to Heroes world. Where you are a soul-hunting warrior. Your lifelong mission is to fight the hordes of monsters lurking here and awaken powerful heroic souls.

Then lead this team of heroes on an adventure through the lengths of dungeons, through the lengths of history to fix the kingdom’s messed up timelines.

It’s completely time-consuming, addictive, one-finger gameplay, and you can comfortably explore dungeons even while offline. Playing this game the biggest fun is probably fighting by constantly tapping the screen, and then getting rewards to unlock new heroes or upgrade the stats of an existing hero, in the most balanced and skillful way.

My experience shows that you should start by plowing alone first, when you have enough quality heroes with fierce upgrades, then roll into PvP mode to fight other players, also in the world. dungeon.

The world with a lot of heroic souls is drifting all over the place play you come and call back

Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters APK, an Idle clicker RPG, takes you into a fantasy dungeon world with a series of hand-to-hand battles against demons and monsters. Each battle will have a different type of monster, and through victories, you will continuously improve your character’s skills.

Because the dungeon world in Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters takes place in a chaotic timeline, the legendary heroes you collect throughout the adventure are also extremely chaotic. They are heroes from ancient epics, or maybe modern heroes, where you are living and on the mission.

We have more than 200 such characters, each with different special characteristics and experiences. A series of heroes are also gradually opened through the battle rounds, such as The Rapid Moon, Abe, Ena HawkEye, Tom GateKeeper, Griswold…

The game has more than 1000 levels with 10 different dungeon spaces. By exploiting the hero’s strengths, you will in turn enjoy more than 100 different skills and 60 rare items. Just these few huge numbers are enough for you to understand how rich and attractive the game is.

Enemies are equally aggressive and numerous

Fierce heroes, monsters are equally abundant. We will fight with Bones, Walkers, Skeleton Vikings, Skeleton WarLord, Snaga, Drow Warrior, Drow DarkSpear…

The secret to playing an Idle clicker game is to collect as many rewards as possible and properly allocate experience points to your heroes. In the end, all are strong and no matter who is used to fighting, there is enough advantage to win. A balanced, even distribution of points is the goal of players in Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters APK

The only difficulty in Soul Hunters APK is that you will be the leader, setting up the squad and making the initial strategy for your heroes. How to make the best use of each character’s skills and weapons.

Once the noise is set up, then leave it to them to act on their own, visit the situation from time to time, and have a more suitable team change.

Each time you play, you can also participate in the process of collecting and forging artifacts such as jade and equipment, You are the one who decides how to put them together in the most effective, strategic way to have the appropriate upgrades for your troops.

Tải game Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters APK Cho Android

Dungeon fighting role-playing game, dangerous, attractive but also quite leisurely. Beautiful, detailed pictures. Very suitable for brothers who follow the fighting school but sometimes want to change their taste to reduce stress.

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