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Queens Glory APK is a game with extremely attractive gameplay, no less than the top strategy games. Therefore, it is very popular with international gamers. Of course, there are also many Vietnamese gamers who are “addicted” by this game. As usual, APKMODY will bring the Vietnamese version of Queens Glory APK for Android devices. The link to download the game is located at the end of this article.

What is Introducing Queens Glory APK Game?

Game Queens Glory APK is developed by PlayMeow, an unknown game developer. Initially, this game was released for the PC platform through Steam. And a lot of players want to play this game on their phones. Therefore, APKMODY brings the Vietnamese version of Queens Glory APK to install for Android. Moreover, this version is also translated into Vietnamese, which is extremely easy to understand.

Queens Glory APK
Queens Glory APK
Name Queen’s Glory
Publisher PlayMeow
Category 18+
Version Final
Size 1GB
Request Android 4.1

The plot is quite unique

The game is set in a kingdom called Norman. The neighboring kingdom is Casteen, the two kings have signed a peace treaty for many years. But then Casteen broke the agreement, sent troops to attack Norman. In the fierce battle, the king of Norman and two princes sacrificed to protect the country. The only living royal is the main character, Norman’s pretty princess.

Without a prince, the king was forced to hand over his kingdom to his little daughter. Even though he is a girl, he still hopes that the princess can save the kingdom from the invasion of foreign invaders. Not only that, the kingdom also faced the danger of internal turmoil within the kingdom, along with many other neighboring countries.

The noble task of the kingdom was entrusted to the little princess. She did not have any talent in governing the country. So she needs help from the best of the kingdom. But first, she needs to convince the best champions to submit to her. She has nothing but beauty and a seductive body to entice the best people to serve her.

Strategic gameplay

As you know, your aim in this game is to help the princess defeat foreign invaders and re-develop the kingdom. The hardest thing is to find allies, the best people to help you do this. The princess is endowed with ravishing beauty, with an irresistible body. That is the most important factor, and also the easiest way to get what you want.

However, the thinking element in this game is also very important. You need to know that, if you do not make the right decisions, your army will be defeated and the kingdom cannot recover. You have to develop the economy, agriculture, and have good diplomacy with neighboring countries. Make the best decisions for the kingdom.

How To Download Queens Glory APK?

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How To Install Queens Glory APK?

A Mobile cannot function without an operating system. Installing an Application is, therefore, a critical step that every Android Mobile And Tablets user should know about.

Of course, most Android devices come pre-configured, which means Android comes pre-installed and you don’t have to worry about manually adding an operating system. However, sometimes you will need to install the Application yourself.

  • First, uninstall any previous version of Apk if installed.
  • Now click on the above link and download Mod APK.
  • Now open your android device settings and go to security settings.
  • On the Device Administration tab, there will be an option for Unknown Sources. If it’s inactive, just turn it on.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and click on the downloaded MOD APK file.
  • Tap Install and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once done, you will start to see the MOD APK icon on your android home screen, just open it and start using this Application.

Beautiful pictures

If you only see the introduction of Queens Glory APK as 2D graphics, you will not be impressed with it. But in fact, the image of the game is designed in the style of 3D images, displaying each image according to the scene.

Therefore, you experience the game quite like watching 2D animation. The most outstanding feature is that the author draws an extremely eye-catching character system. And the princess is the pinnacle of beauty with a holy face, but no less enchanting.

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Vietnamese zed version of Queens Glory APK

Queens Glory APK is originally a PC game, not released for Android. And the version of Queens Glory Viet Hua is ported from the PC version. All dialogues, instructions or introductions in the game are translated into Vietnamese very literally. Thus, you will play the game more easily, without missing any details of the plot.

Note: Choose Vietnamese to play with English.

Download Queens Glory APK Vietnamese Chemistry

Strategic gameplay combined with cutscenes gives you an extremely “addictive” experience when playing Queens Glory APK. It doesn’t take much of your time, you can download the game to experience it right now via the link.

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