What are the difference between quad core and octa core

The terms octa-core and quad-core indicate the number of processor cores in a CPU. Octa is eight, the quad is four. So far, it’s pretty obvious. But the difference between quad core and octa core, at least when it comes to mobile chips, is how these processor cores are configured.

difference between quad core and octa core

Octa Core

Octa core processors are made up of eight (8) independent cores to handle and perform tasks efficiently. This implies that Octa-core processors can perform twice as fast as Quad-core processors.

Quad Core Processors

The quad-core processor is a chip with four independent units that read and execute information and tasks from the central processing unit (CPU).

Inside the chip, each core works in conjunction with other circuitry such as cache, memory management, and input/output (I/O) ports. The individual cores in a quad-core processor can execute multiple instructions at the same time, increasing the overall speed of programs that support parallel processing.

What is the best processor?

Surely, you are already perceiving the importance of having fewer or more cores in the processor. And as we mentioned, there are currently different types of processors, although the ones that set the trend are the Octa Core and the Quad Core. But what is really the difference between the two?

On the one hand, Quad-core processors have four cores inside. They work independently to execute different instructions in the terminal’s operating system at the same time. This means that this type of kernel will be capable of executing up to four different functions completely simultaneously. However, we must know that the execution speed of these tasks that we want to perform with the mobile device is not multiplied by the number of processor cores.

In addition, it is not correct to divide the speed of the processor by the number of cores to know the speed with which each of them works. Therefore, the speed will depend largely on the amount of processing and requirements demanded by the apps that we normally use.

Difference between quad core and octa core

If we are talking in terms of numbers, the Difference between quad core and octa core. Octa-Core processors have eight different processor cores on those chips. On the other hand, when it comes to the case of Quad Core processors, there are only four processor cores.

But, this does not mean that an octa-core processor has twice the power of a quad-core chip. There are other factors involved there, the main one being the organization of the processor cores.

For quad-core processors, all cores of the processor can be brought into operation. This is, once again, under some particular circumstances. When you’re reading an article or browsing your messages, all four of your cores may not be in use.

However, if you’re streaming some HD video or dealing with some graphics-hungry games, chances are all cores are working. In short, the trigger here is if an app/game is optimized to use all processor cores on a single chip.

Things are a bit different for most Octa-Core processors on the market. According to the processor design, there will be two sets of processor cores. Each set will be made up of four processor cores. Of these, four cores are lower power and another four cores are high power.

One thing to note here is that low-power cores are always running, in most smartphones. So, you don’t have to worry if you can’t find double speed on your Octa Core processor device compared to Quad Core ones. This is another difference between quad-core and octa-core.

Other differences between processors with more or fewer cores

As we have seen, the cores help distribute the work that we are demanding from our mobile when using it. Therefore, having more cores will help us if what we want is to have a video game with heavy graphics open and be able to use other apps simultaneously without the video game having cuts or slowing down when loading.

This would lead us to think that the more cores our phone has, the better, but we must be clear that if we are only going to be playing the video game, we may not notice the difference between cores as much. In addition, other factors also come into play, such as how powerful the chip is or the operating system that powers it.

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