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Download Puffin Browser Pro APK for free for Android

Puffin Browser Pro APK costs $4.99 on Google Play, you can consider downloading this web browser for free on APKMODY.

What is Introducing Puffin Browser Pro APK?

Of course, Puffin Browser Pro is not a prominent web browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But this is a really quality web browser. It offers incredible performance with rendering and data processing speeds superior to Chrome and other web browsers. With CloudMosa’s leading cloud technology, Puffin Browser Pro deserves to be the default web browser for your Android phone.

Puffin Pro is a paid web browser, you have to pay $4.99 to download it from Google Play. But this browser already has hundreds of millions of users, with tens of millions of users using the paid version. Why do people choose Puffin Browser Pro? Let’s find out some of its outstanding features through the section below the article.

Puffin Browser Pro APK
Puffin Browser Pro APK
Name Puffin Browser Pro APK
Package Name com.cloudmosa.puffin
Publisher CloudMosa Inc
Category Utilities
Size 25M
Price FREE $3.99
Request Android 4.4
Network Requirements

Web browser with lightning speed Of Puffin Browser Pro APK

Puffin Pro Apk is developed by CloudMosa Inc, a technology company in the US. The owner of this company is Shioupyn Shen. They tested cryptographic cloud technology to develop the Puffin web browser, and great, it offers incredible performance. Puffin Browser Pro Apk loads pages, display content, multimedia files, and JavaScript faster than regular browsers. The only thing, when browsing the web, is the user IP is the cloud IP. Some websites treat you as a proxy server.

If Chrome users always complain about the web browser always taking up too much RAM and resources of the phone, you never have the same situation when using Puffin Browser Pro.

Protect your data from hackers

Sometimes, we often choose to work in cafes to change the workspace. You must use public WIFI spots to browse the web and send data. This is a good opportunity for hackers to steal your personal information because public WIFI spots do have not too tight security. Puffin Browser Pro will take all your worries away. This web browser encrypts your data before sending it to the cloud.

If you use the incognito tab, the app creates an exclusive session when you use it, which is deleted as soon as you close the app or disconnect from the internet. Therefore, you can rest assured that your device is not stolen by hackers or infected with malware.

Save bandwidth when browsing the web

Besides the above advantages, by saving data in the cloud, Puffin Browser Pro helps users to browse the web save more than 90% compared to conventional browsers. However, if you watch videos or stream live, this browser uses more bandwidth than usual. Anyway, it is enough for Puffin Pro Apk for essential entertainment needs such as listening to music, reading newspapers, surfing social networks,

With data saving mode, you can customize some parameters about photos and videos to help the browser load faster and more economically. Even if you connect using WIFI, this mode works as usual. If you don’t care about bandwidth saving, you can turn it off in the settings.

Gamepad and trackpad support

Puffin Browser Pro supports Adobe Flash, although it ended support this year due to some security issues. Besides, the browser also supports Virtual Gamepad and Trackpad, allowing you to play Flash games smoothly and easily on Android devices. The trackpad is a feature of laptops, it helps you browse the web, scroll pages easily and conveniently.

How To Download Puffin Browser Pro APK?

We know you know a lot about Puffin Browser Pro APK, it’s time to download it. If you want to know more about Top Best Games If you want to download more Top Best APK, we recommend you to download Application, We recommend that you download the application. Click on the download button and download.

How To Install Puffin Browser Pro APK?

A Mobile cannot function without an operating system. Installing an Application is, therefore, a critical step that every Android Mobile And Tablets user should know about.

Of course, most Android devices come pre-configured, which means Android comes pre-installed and you don’t have to worry about manually adding an operating system. However, sometimes you will need to install the Application yourself.

  • First, uninstall any previous version of Apk if installed.
  • Now click on the above link and download Mod APK.
  • Now open your android device settings and go to security settings.
  • On the Device Administration tab, there will be an option for Unknown Sources. If it’s inactive, just turn it on.
  • Go to the Downloads folder and click on the downloaded MOD APK file.
  • Tap Install and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once done, you will start to see the MOD APK icon on your android home screen, just open it and start using this Application.

Desktop Mode Of Puffin Browser Pro APK

Some websites provide a better user experience when you browse the web using your PC. With Desktop Mode, Puffin Web Browser Pro will help you browse the web in Desktop form even if you are using the mobile phone.

No more being bothered by ads

Video ads, pop-up ads, and dozens of other types of ads on websites annoy you? No need to search for ad-blocking plugins for your browser the same way you use Chrome, Puffin Pro Download automatically blocks ads for you, to provide you with a smooth experience.

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Some features of Puffin Browser Pro APK

  • Fast page loading speed
  • Theater Mode for Flash videos and games
  • Fast Loading JavaScript’s
  • Desktop and Mobile browsing mode
  • Block ads
  • Trackpad and virtual keyboard
  • Automatically delete all session history, cookies when you use the incognito tab

Download Puffin Browser Pro APK for free for Android

With a series of outstanding features and advantages, Download Puffin Pro deserves to be the default web browser for your Android phone. It provides excellent performance and user experience. Developed by leading experts, having worked at Microsoft and Google, they are always trying to improve this browser with the ambition to become the number 1 web browser in the future.

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