Narcos: Cartel War APK

Narcos: Cartel War APK

Narcos: Cartel War APK is a strategy game produced by FTX Games, the game is based on the popular movie of the same name on the Netflix show.

Name Narcos: Cartel War
Package Name com.ftxgames.narcos
Publisher Tilting Point 
Category Strategy
Version 1.44.08
Size 84M
Price FREE
Request Android 5.0



Narcos: Cartel War APK is a strategy game produced by FTX Games, the game is based on the popular movie of the same name on the Netflix show.

Introduction to the strategy game Narcos: Cartel War APK

If you haven’t seen this movie, in general, the game’s setting is about a violent world in the 80s, when the law still had many loopholes. Society at that time was very chaotic because of the wars of the United States and Colombia against the huge drug trafficking network of world history.

Build a solid base

In Narcos: Cartel War you will play the role of a drug lord with the task of turning society into a true criminal institution. Initially you will only have a builder and some old factories, you need to build your institution to become large and strong to demonstrate power and domination of the criminal classes in colombia. You can open the box to be able to receive more juniors to help support you in your boss career.

Narcos: Cartel War APK
Narcos: Cartel War APK

In general, the gameplay of Narcos: Cartel is quite similar to the game Clash of Clans. To build your strong institution, you will first have to build new buildings, manage businesses, and improve technology. The above works make it possible for you to produce, when you have a lot of production and excess, you can send it through the plane to distribute your product. Besides building defensive buildings such as watchtowers, cannons, … is also an important factor to be able to make your base safer. But in order for your base to become really solid, in addition to you building and arranging defensive buildings in a reasonable way, you need to upgrade them.

Join the classic battles

When you have a large base with strong enough defenses, the next thing you need to do is find and collect juniors and at the same time train them to become effective arms for you. . Collecting warriors is important because not only do they help you defend better, but they are also the main force for you to attack and fight to capture other players’ bases.

This is a strategy game where the most important factor to win is experience, tactics, not just a lot of money, a stronger army will win like some other games. Each player will have different defensive bases when attacking them, you also have to use your juniors sensibly with appropriate tactics.

One thing I find very good about this game is the alliance between players, so you can interact well with your friends. Linking allies helps you attack enemies more easily and quickly, in addition, when you are attacked, allies can support you.

Graphics and sound

The game has beautiful graphics with quite realistic 3D design, beautiful scenery with flaming artillery displays. The top-down design allows you to easily observe and cover the whole scene so that you can build your base in a reasonable way.

Download Narcos: Cartel War APK for Android

Although the game is quite similar to Clash of Clans, if you love the strategy game genre and want to find a new wind with interesting story columns and graphics, you cannot ignore Narcos: Cartel War. You can download the game to your phone for free via our link below. 


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