What is Difference between Method and Methodology

Research methods are often confused with research methodology, which involves the scientific analysis of research methods, in order to find a solution to the problem at hand. Therefore, it seems apt to clarify the Difference between Method and Methodology.

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Method and Methodology


What is Method

Research method refers to all those methods, which a researcher employs to undertake the research process, to solve the given problem. The techniques and procedures that are applied during the course of studying the research problem are known as the research method.

It encompasses both qualitative and quantitative methods of conducting research operations such as surveys, case studies, interviews, questionnaires, observations, etc.

  • First category: methods related to data collection are covered. Such methods are used when the existing data is not sufficient to reach the solution.
  • The second category: incorporates the data analysis processes, that is, to identify patterns and establish a relationship between the data and the unknowns.
  • Third category: Includes the methods used to verify the accuracy of the results obtained.

What is Methodology

Research Methodology, as its name suggests, is the study of methods to solve the research problem. It is the science of learning how research should be done systematically. It refers to the rigorous analysis of the methods applied in the research flow, to ensure that the conclusions obtained are valid, reliable, and credible as well.

The researcher takes an overview of the various steps he chooses to understand the problem at hand, along with the logic behind the methods employed by the researcher during the study. He also clarifies the reason for using a particular method or technique, and not others, so that the results obtained can be evaluated by the researcher himself or by any other party.

Examples of methodologies:

  • Phenomenology: describes the “lived experience” of a particular phenomenon.
  • Ethnography: explores the social world or shared culture, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • Participatory: sees the participants as active researchers.
  • Ethnomethodology: examines how people use dialogue and body language to build a worldview.
  • Basic Theory: Assume a blank slate and use an inductive approach to develop a new theory.

Difference between Method and Methodology

The research method is defined as the procedure or technique applied by the researcher to carry out his research. On the other hand, the methodology is a system of methods that are used scientifically to solve the problem of an investigation.

A research method is nothing more than the behavior or the tool, used in the selection and construction of research techniques. In contrast to this, research methodology involves the science of analysis, the way in which research is properly carried out. This is a difference between method and methodology.

The research method is related to conducting experiments, tests, surveys, interviews, etc. In contrast to this, the research methodology is related to the learning of various techniques that can be used in conducting experiments, tests, or surveys.

Another difference between method and methodology is that the research method encompasses various research techniques. Unlike the research methodology, which consists of a complete approach aligned towards the achievement of a purpose.

The research method aims to discover the solution to the problem at hand. In contrast, the research methodology aims to apply appropriate procedures, with a view to finding solutions.

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