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What Is Ludogram & Its Types?

The Ludogram helps to recognize the weaknesses and strengths of a team of players, allowing them to move on the playing field strategically so that everyone participates in a balanced way, and so that they are located in convenient positions according to their potential.

What Is Ludogram & Its Types

What is Ludogram?

It is an instrument with a graphic structure in which the roles and positions of the participants in the course of a game are reflected. It serves as a tool to more simply observe the strategic behaviors of the people involved in it, especially the times they have had contact with the central object (for example, the ball).

Likewise, ludograms study in detail the motor abilities of the players so that the data obtained serves as a basis for planning future strategies that can allow the execution of a game with favorable results.

This is done using a methodology in which all players act around a certain object, which in most cases is a ball, although this also depends on the nature of the game. In that sense, the group leader (call him a coach or anyone else) records the actions using a video recorder or other device.

After the exercise is over, what happened is quantified and qualified through an analysis of results, carried out by said leader. That is the moment in which the players with the highest number of scores, passes, baskets, goals or the time in which they had the object in their hands or feet are defined.

Types of ludogram

Although ludograms have a format of standard indicators, some sports are characterized by breaking down natural specifications of the same, as is the case of volleyball, basketball and soccer.

volleyball game chart

In this type of ludograms, data are captured such as: tactical effective motor actions, technical effective motor actions, neutral motor actions, erroneous motor actions, total motor actions, summary table and frequencies. Within them, the actions carried out around the ball are specified in conjunction with the rules of the game.

basketball game chart

This diagram is divided by the number of time periods that a basketball game has depending on the level or requirement of the school unit. Mostly, all participants’ names are written next to the data box which must be filled in manually. The recording of basketball dynamics is based on movement, reception and baskets.

soccer game chart

As in the case of basketball, the soccer gamegram is divided into the times in which the game takes place (two halves). There, the resistance of the players on the field and their performance in different positions, including the goal, are systematically measured. In addition, by team you can define who had the ball in power the longest.

Other types of ludogram

It is important to note that this is a principle used in physical education, which is why games such as dodgeball, chase ball, goal cone, kickingball, relay, tennis, numbered ball, tula, whip, etc. are also considered susceptible to ludograms. 

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