Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK (Free Purchase) v2.2.6

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK (Free Purchase) v2.2.6

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK will take you with luxurious fashion “missions” and many equally dramatic love stories. Play match-3 while experiencing the flashy life.

NameLove Fantasy: Match & Stories
Package Namecom.love.journey.match
MOD FeaturesFree Pre-Purchase
RequestAndroid 5.0

Love Fantasy Match & Stories MOD APK

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK will take you with luxurious fashion “missions” and many equally dramatic love stories. Play match-3 while experiencing the flashy life.

Giới thiệu Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK

Play match-3 to help your character transform and draw stories for yourself!

Fashion and Life OF Love Fantasy Match & Stories MOD APK

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK is a collection of classic match-3 and linear games. Players will have the opportunity to experience two different forms in the same game, with a series of ups and downs during the game.

The general motif of the stories in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK is: to solve match-3 puzzles to earn money/gold. Then use the money to embellish your character.

Choose costumes and fashion accessories so that the character’s appearance is the most beautiful, most personal, suitable for each context and situation. Then slowly follow the plot to come to the big decision of your life.

The principle of the game is: fashion style will determine the important turning points of life. You may think it is a fantasy, but considering a few cases that Love Fantasy: Match & Stories offers, I find it very reasonable.

For example, the type of accidentally caught husband cheating. You hold the anger and are determined to retouch your appearance from the inside out to have the opportunity to meet again, you will make that unfaithful husband bewildered.

Or like the story of finding the white horse prince of his life. In order to make an impression on the first meeting, you will have to choose an outfit that will both show your personality, and reveal your taste in dress and the moderation of the place you are about to appear.

There are many times in life when you have to admit that whether you like it or not, the way you dress plays a huge role in the outcome of an important event. 

Sometimes it’s the turning point in life. Like going to an interview, introducing a lover’s family, going with a crush for the first time, appearing on stage for the first time. And a game that combines many things in one like Love Fantasy: Match & Stories will give you more or less experience to make more perfect choices.

Shopping Secrets OF Love Fantasy Match & Stories MOD APK

To bring a complete fashion experience, Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK has brought more than 100 different fashion items for players to freely mix and match to shop for their characters.

The better you play match-3, the more smart steps you take to make the same colored blocks disappear completely, the more money you have in hand to go shopping. 

So the first secret is obviously to focus on playing match-3 well. Be sure to look out for bands of similar colors somewhere nearby.

 Find a way to bring them together to completely destroy 3, 4, 5, 6, or even more colored tiles. The more tiles that disappear at once, the more bonus points you get. More points mean more money.

With money in hand, you should start with epic but classic items first, Make sure they are highly functional and can be mixed with many different accessories (or even without accessories, it still shines). Don’t look for items that are too out of the ordinary, too unique.

 Because they often require a very cool look (for example, other hairstyles, but to do hair, you also spend a lot of money) and the accessories are equally good. If you have bought personal items, you should have personal accessories, but you can rarely go alone. 

Therefore, it is necessary to consider carefully based on the needs and situations that the character is about to enter.

How to play Love Fantasy: Match & Stories MOD APK is extremely simple. Exactly what I just said: follow the story, make choices for the character when faced with unexpected situations, play match-3 to collect money, then take the money to shop, beautify the character, and then continue the story.


The fun of the molting process

The fun of a game like Love Fantasy: Match & Stories apk is not just about having money to go shopping and then slapping the characters. It’s about watching your girl/boy become more beautiful every day, in many different ways.

Do hair, makeup, wear beautiful clothes, choose delicate clothes, suitable for the situation. Remember when the character you played at first appeared, how disappointed you were when you saw that the appearance couldn’t be more tragic.

After that, it gradually became more beautiful after changing clothes, hair, and things. Comparing Before After clearly has a not-light makeover. This is huge excitement for players.

Interesting from the story

There are many pretty good stories in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK. Each story depicts a scene of life, a person, and countless different situations.

Sometimes romantic, sometimes harsh, sometimes very dramatic. Go into each story, you will find a part of your life in it.

Watch the character slowly progress, change in appearance and confidence, and then change his life through important events. Perhaps such a positive and proactive response is something each of us should learn.

Love also plays a certain role in each story. However, as I see it, it is not all. 

The important thing is that through each situation that happens, you will together with your character realize what is real love, where are fleeting crushes. It is also something that everyone must realize in their own real life.

The MOD APK version of Love Fantasy: Match & Stories

Features MOD

Free Purchase

Tải game Love Fantasy: Match & Stories APK & MOD cho Android

Cute game, fun, play gently, draw many interesting situations, full of positive energy. The image is not too excellent, but the rhythm and tempo are reasonable, creating attractive climaxes. What do you try?


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