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KingGodCastle APK from AWESOMEPIECE is a top-down 2D graphic strategy game. This is one of the highly tactical but fast mobile games that I would like to introduce to you.

What is About KingGodCastle APK?

Heroes fight to protect the nation, pocket strategy game with many things to find out.

KingGodCastle APK
KingGodCastle APK
Package Namecom.awesomepiece.castle
RequestAndroid 4.4

Hero defends the kingdom, the eternal story of strategy games

KingGodCastle APK places players in the context of KingGodCastle APK kingdom being threatened by ferocious enemies, all of which are invading strategic locations. You will lead the nation’s heroic army to defend the kingdom against aggressive invasions with your tactics and ingenuity. Your weapon is a team of heroes with a lot of experience in combat, defense strategy, attack, use, allocation of people and upgrade heroes properly, with a little luck and supported by strength. of the Most High.

Why do I mention “luck” in the story?

Because luck will determine which heroes can be promoted, and then what additional weapons you will receive. That said, not all heroes in the game can be powered up. And you also do not decide 100% of the strength of the army, but also depend on many factors, subjectively from the available upgrades when playing, and objectively from fate, bad luck.

Strength of Heroes

At the beginning, you will choose the 6 most outstanding heroes you have to bring into battle. Then in the process of fighting, use gold and gems from victories to strengthen the heroes. Each hero type when increasing strength will have its own path depending on the class, and as I mentioned above, it also depends on fate.

The strength of the heroes is also increased through the “blessing” of the Supreme. In KingGodCastle APK there is a rather strange concept called Altar (Spirit). Choosing which Spirit to upgrade the hero when allowed will help him become stronger by borrowing supernatural powers from the sky.

  • Heroes Altar: 1% tier up (Summon), 5 %tier up (combine), Gain book or Power
  • Backsmith Altar:1,5% tier up (forge), Obtain tier 1 Ore + 1 Forces Reroll
  • Blood Altar: 2% HP Drain, Gain + 50 Shield

There are also Giant Altar, Mage Altar, Greed Altar… Each Altar has different enhancement aspects. Depending on the strategy of the team and the upcoming battle, the player will decide for themselves which Altar to use to strengthen each hero character when given the opportunity.

For me, my favorite is still a special ability rarely seen in strategy games: we can combine mid-range heroes together to create a new, stronger and higher-level hero. . Mixing doesn’t always give the best results, as sometimes you’ll need quantity for the turn rather than quality. Or the combination if not combined with the right Altar will not promote the ability to increase power well. But overall this action is quite attractive. Watching the heroes transform after just a few in-and-out encounters, suddenly filled with excitement.

Enemies require you to stay active and upgrade

KingGodCastle APK also offers a diverse “lineage” of enemies. From form, to ability and speed. Each enemy strain will have its own characteristics and skills. At first it was just a few small soldiers, then the number increased to the whole army. Later on, they became more intelligent when they also constantly arranged formations front, back, left, right, diagonally with different types of soldiers. And to win, one is that your strategy must be more powerful. Or you have to focus on power-ups from the early stages to own an invincible team of heroes.

Depending on the correlation of forces, you will arrange the most intelligent formation to unleash heavenly attacks on them. The method I use the most is to have a melee team go up in front and cover the rear with magical mages to hit a wide area from afar. There are some situations with too many enemy troops, you will have to unleash all of your mage, hit a live hit and then quickly retreat to the back to return to the original formation, avoiding casualties.

Graphics and sound Of KingGodCastle APK

The sound in KingGodCastle APK does not have too many effects, the rhythm of the music rushes up when the battle begins. Accompanied by sound effects that sound when both sides control the army to prepare, the sound of weapons is cold, although not too excellent, but enough to maintain excitement when playing.

While the sound only stops at a basic level, the picture I really like. KingGodCastle APK uses 2D graphics, a top-down perspective, the battlefield is designed to be divided into 2 parts, one side of us and one side of the enemy. Each faction has an army part and a battle part to easily arrange, divide the formation and select troops, choose the direction of attack. This layout makes the game very intuitive, everything to adjust and strategize is right in front of you, just touch and drag to where you need to go. Making a friendly and intuitive structure with a strategy game with a lot of detail like this, the skill of the producer is also very good and this and that.

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Each character in the game, both heroes and enemies, has its own characteristics. They are just tiny human figures on the battlefield, but the costumes, colors and physiques of each of you are unmistakable. When you’re new to the game, it can be a bit confusing because a lot of things have to be put in the beginning, but when you get used to it, you just need to look at the first part to know who and who. I give KingGodCastle APK 8 signs this 2D graphics part.

Download KingGodCastle APK for Android

In short, KingGodCastle APK is a good 2D strategy game. There are many things to learn and experiment with, especially the power up stitch for the hero character. Worth putting on the list of games to download and play immediately, guys.

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