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Hundred Soul APK: Dragon Nest is one of the best role-playing games on mobile. If you’ve ever played the Dragon Nest game, you probably know the publisher Hound 13. Recently, they released Hundred Soul APK, the classic role-playing game for mobile devices and tablets.

Hundred Soul APK is an MMO where hacking and slashing and gameplay is the indicator, where you get the chance to engage in real-time battles. Short and sweet missions are ready to compete with all kinds of creatures.

In each order, you must defeat three groups of enemies scattered around small 3D settings. You will surprisingly participate in large groups and creatures with excellent graphics because the game uses a real engine and its production values ​​are high.

As you complete every layout, you’ll be able to improve your team and get new help to overcome challenges, including additional controlled roles that will automatically battle you.

Hundred Soul APK is a great MMO for Android engineers, featuring anti-stylish and highly rated graphics that provide an experience where you feel like you’re playing a console video.

So Hundred Soul APK – a wonderful three-dimensional gradient. The game is built on the Unity engine. The engine ability is used more and more, it is proof of the latest graphics console level, comparing the latest Hunter Fantastic Fantasy or Monster Hunter worlds. Every detail of the game, including the animation of the characters, the environment, and the influence of the Blues, goes out of the background!

Gameplay mechanics are pretty easy and well thought out. Each character – with your partner, has unique skills and abilities. It can be equipped with a variety of swords, shafts, shafts, etc. The aim of this RPG fighting game is to go through all the fields, destroy all the enemies and get maximum experience for every effort.

What is About Hundred Soul APK?

Currently, the game does not have an official version for iOS, you can download the game from Google Play. The Beta version of the game was released in 13 countries, and all players around the globe will have the opportunity to experience this fascinating role-playing game as soon as possible.

After impressive images announced at the Unity developer conference, kicking off at COEX Grand Ballroom and Auditorium Unite Seoul 2017 Korea, the game is predicted to be one of the most prominent role-playing games of 2018. In fact, the game first appeared at United LA in 2016 with the original name Project 10 but was later renamed Hundred Soul APK.

Hundred Soul APK
Hundred Soul APK
NameHundred Soul APK
Package Namecom.hound13.hundredsoul
PublisherHOUND 13
RequestAndroid 5.1
Network Requirements

State-of-the-art graphics platform

Right from the first images revealed, Hundred Soul APK has made viewers admire when witnessing the beautiful graphics quality in every detail. Thanks to the application of advanced Unity graphics technology, each image of the game becomes extremely realistic, not inferior to role-playing games on PC or Console.

When entering the game, everything that appears before your eyes is a large, majestic world that you can only see in fantasy movies.

The effect of the game is also very impressive, perhaps this is one of the highlights of Korean role-playing games. The characters move flexibly and gracefully. Sometimes they can jump up, slash enemies in the air or plunge down to stab their swords at giant monsters and then ride on them.

Besides, the game also provides players with the ability to adjust the camera so that you can change the character’s perspective. All bring the best visual experience on mobile.

How To Download Hundred Soul APK for android?

We know you know a lot about Hundred Soul APK , it’s time to download it. If you want to know more about Top Best Games If you want to download more Top Best APK, we recommend you to download Application, We recommend that you download the application. Click on the download button and download.

Hundred Soul is one of the most anticipated role-playing games of this year. The game has high-quality graphics, a unique storyline, and a lot of cool things for you to explore. If you love this role-playing game, download it now via the link below to install it for free.


How To Install Hundred Soul APK  for android?

A Mobile cannot function without an operating system. Installing an Application is, therefore, a critical step that every Android Mobile And Tablets user should know about.

Of course, most Android devices come pre-configured, which means Android comes pre-installed and you don’t have to worry about manually adding an operating system. However, sometimes you will need to install Hundred Soul APK yourself.

  • First, uninstall any previous version of Apk if installed.
  • Now click on the above link and >Download Mod APK.
  • Now open your android device >settings and go to >security settings.
  • On the Device Administration tab, there will be an option for >Unknown Sources. If it’s inactive, just turn it on.
  • o
  • Tap >Install and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once done, you will start to see the MOD APK icon on your android home screen, just open it and start using this Application.

You have downloaded and installed Hundred Soul APK , hope you like it The way you go to a restaurant, the waiter tells you the menu of your restaurant. Today we also show you the Manu of our website, maybe you like an application and if you download it, we will be happy. Angry Birds Match 3 MOD APK, Pocket World 3D MOD APK, VALORANT Mobile APK, Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD APK,ROBLOX MOD APK, TikTok MOD APK,, My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK

Fast-paced RPG gameplay

We can easily recognize some similarities between Hundred Souls and Dragon Nest in gameplay. There is not too much to think about, all the player needs to do is control the character in the game, move and defeat all the opponents around.

When fighting, you can find the weak points of giant monsters and take advantage of them to finish them off quickly. The control keys of the game are designed quite simply with the purpose of giving maximum space for the images in the game. Some basic keys that you need to know:

  • Left virtual key: Helps you move the character, like other role-playing games on mobile.
  • Virtual key attack: use weapons and attack enemies, dealing physical damage.
  • The three virtual keys correspond to the character’s three skills.

It is quite interesting that Hundred Soul APK allows you to control two characters, but can only control one character at a time. While you control one character, the other will automatically fight the enemy.

You can change characters continuously without limit. This is quite useful in some cases, especially when your character is on cooldown. A good combination of two characters will create unstoppable power.

With fast-paced gameplay, the game’s enemies are constantly appearing which means you have to fight non-stop. Do not be afraid. Use your sword to rush at the waiting enemies and teach them a lesson. Every time you continuously launch accurate attacks, you will accumulate combo points that increase damage for a short period of time.

Mod Apk Features:

MOD APK indicates a modified app. In a hundred versions of Soul Mod, you will unlock all the features in the enhanced version. In Mod APK you will get unlimited money and the level of the game is also unlocked. Now you can play any level at any time. We have explained in detail the function of APK MOD.

Unlimited COIN-CAVENT MOD MOD APK You will get unlimited coins. This way you can buy anything in the game. Mod Game has unlocked all functions, it has unlimited coins, and all advanced features are free. In Mod games you don’t have to pay any fees. You can install and use it like normal applications. If you have a hundred soul mod apk. So you can install it and enjoy it all.

Unlimited Diamonds – one hundred souls mod apk then you will get unlimited diamonds or coins. Like we have seen online. There is a diamond in the game, you can buy some functions of the game. Like PUBG free fire and more games with diamond function. If you have an OOO mood version. So you will get unlimited diamonds so you can buy anything.

Unlimited energy mode game There is also a special place. If your game is based on any energy, free energy will be provided in hundreds of MOD APKs. So your energy will not decrease, and you can easily play the game. Mod apk you have no problem with energy. In one hundred souls mod apk you have unlimited energy.

You can see a lot of ads in non-ads – a hundred souls mod I wouldn’t see any kind of extra ingredients. Because all the AIDS was removed because they modified it. This way you can use this application very easily.


  • Create roles, combat weapons and battle scenes are smooth 3D graphic design.
  • The role can activate skills and combat, pushing the enemy’s injury to the maximum.
  • It is possible to combine weapons of different attributes to create the most amazing power.
  • Use the button on the right screen to adjust combat skills and use the scrolling dial on the left screen.
  • The physics and lighting effects in each combat action are very realistic and vivid.


In Hundred Soul APK, your role is a master, he will save the children of the earth and bring peace to the village. Group Reptiles approach the role and deal damage. Holding a sword, the hero will start attacking them to destroy them. Your role will follow the arrow war with giant monsters.

The monster waved a weapon that could fly through the air. At this point, you must use the shoulder wings to fly to the monster’s head and use combo skills. After the small group of monsters is defeated, the advanced monsters will be green.

Hero system Of Hundred Soul APK

Currently, the number of heroes of Hundred Soul APK is quite small. Each hero in the game represents a different class including Gladiator, Gunner, Assassin, and Mage… corresponding to different skills. Each hero has a unique weapon, but you can change or upgrade it as you unlock new weapons. There are many hidden treasures on your journey, don’t miss them.

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