Hello Neighbor MOD APK

Hello Neighbor MOD APK (Unlocked) v1.0

Hello Neighbor MOD APK Download now. Hello Neighbor MOD APK (Full Version) to participate in one of the scariest horror games.

Name Hello Neighbors
Package Name com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor
Publisher tinyBuild
Category Adventure
Version 1.0
Size 1G
Request Android 6.0

Hello Neighbor MOD APK

Download now Hello Neighbor MOD APK (Full Version) to participate in one of the scariest horror games.

Introducing Hello Neighbor APK

One day, next to your house, a new neighbor moves in. Immediately, you sense that this man has something of a mystery, and you are all the more certain when his house makes strange noises every night. Something is going on in the basement of this suburban house, maybe it’s something terrible.

You decide to break into his house and uncover the mysteries in the basement. That’s what you have to experience in hello neighbor download, the famous horror GAME on PC and Xbox One by publisher tinyBuild, now officially available on the two Google Play and Appstore stores completely free.

Mysterious Neighbors Mobile apk

Curiosity is a human instinct, it helps people discover a lot of things in nature or the universe, and curiosity is often the reason why the main character is in danger in horror movies. . You are an inquisitive neighbor who sneaks into your newly moved neighbor’s house to discover what his mystery is.

Of course, in the process of discovery, if you let him discover you, you are done. The neighbor in hello neighbor 2 apk is an AI that has the ability to learn and store information very quickly. If you successfully break into his house with a window, the next time you return that window will be blocked by solidly nailed boards. If you climb the wall from the back of the house, the next time you greet you will be a wall fenced with barbed wire.

Fortunately, the hello neighbor mobile allows you to interact with the objects in the house, they will help you distract the evil neighbor in case you are detected. In the house there are quite a few hiding places for you such as under the bed or a cupboard. One important thing that players should remember when playing Hello Neighbor is not to repeat what you have done before because behind his silly appearance lies a clever, cunning and he can remember everything. . Besides, you also have to solve the puzzles that the game offers to win.

Escape from the dangerous house

Hello Neighbor’s content resembles a horror movie I’ve seen before called The Burbs (Tom Hanks as Ray Peterson). Currently, the game is divided into three scenes, each of which is a multitude of challenges for you.

In scenes 1 and 3, the player’s task is simply to break into the house, or rather illegally enter it and find out what’s going on inside. To scene 2, you need to escape from the house, which is closely guarded by a strict fence and door system. Do not forget in that house there is a neighbor who is not happy when a stranger dares to sneak into his house. If you let him catch me, I don’t know what will happen next.

Graphics are not like a horror Hello Neighbor MOD APK

There’s a lot that makes cách tải game hello neighbor special, and the graphics are a major factor. Many players are fooled by Hello Neighbor’s bright, colorful graphics. Although it is a horror game, the game does not have the dark and bloody colors like Granny ‘s , on the contrary, the game’s graphics make me feel like it’s a game for children.

But in return, what happens in the game is really something that makes you feel scared. Every second, every minute in the neighbor’s house pushes the drama and stress of the player to the maximum. It feels like you went to steal but the landlord found out, and this landlord is not a normal landlord but he could be a killer or an alien?


Hello Neighbors MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlocked: The full version of the game has been unlocked.

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Download Hello Neighbor MOD APK for Android

Although there is no horror graphics and sound, Hello Neighbor can still make the player’s heart beat so fast that it seems to jump out of the chest. This game is not for the faint of heart, but if you still want to test your courage, download Hello Neighbor right away via the link below the article and join me to explore the scary neighbor’s house.

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