Fit or dig What’s the difference? [+examples with b and v]

There are words like Fit or dig that are only differentiated by one letter, b and v. Although these may sound similar or the same in Spanish, the change in this letter gives them a completely different meaning.

Cabe is from the verb caber, while the cave is from the verb to dig.

  • Fits
  • Cave
  • test what you have learned

We will now look at the meaning of these words and some easy-to-remember examples so you know when to use each one correctly.

Fit or dig Fits:

The word cabe is a conjugation of the verb caber, which means to fit or adjust to a place. It can also mean that something is relevant to a thing or situation.

It is used in the first person singular in the present indicative mood. It can also be used in the second person singular in the imperative mood.


  • An audience of 1,000 people can easily fit here.
  • Close the door, there is no room for a soul.
  • It should be remembered that on Friday we have the final exam.
  • The child hardly fits in the crib anymore.
  • Everything fits in this car, it is very comfortable and spacious.


The word cave is a conjugation of the verb to dig, which refers to the action of opening a hole in the ground, with a shovel or other manual or mechanical tool.

The cave is used in the third person singular in the present subjunctive. But it can also be used in the second person singular, formal treatment, in the imperative mood.


  • Tell him to dig deeper or we won’t find what we’re looking for.
  • I asked him to dig a ditch from here to the lake.
  • Please do not dig in this area, it is not allowed.
  • No matter how hard you dig, the waves will cover everything with sand again.
  • Verify that the pit is dug to the correct depth.

Now you know the difference between cabe and cave, as well as when each one is used.

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