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Fictif Interactive Romance MOD APK 

Fictif Interactive Romance MOD APK  Download Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels MOD APK to experience captivating stories, and you can choose Premium Choices for free.

Name Fictional: Interactive Romance
Package Name com.nixhydragames.sna
Publisher Nothing Hydra 
Category Role-Playing
MOD FEATURES Free Premium Choices 
Version 1.0.44
Size 49M
Price FREE
Request Android 4.4


Download Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels MOD APK to experience captivating stories, and you can choose Premium Choices for free.

Introducing Fictif: Interactive Romance

Visual novel games take you on an emotional journey. You can make decisions in situations and lead the story the way you want. Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels is the game I want to introduce to you in this article. If you love it, please leave a 5-star review for this article!

Style play

Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels bring intuitive role-playing gameplay. You will become the main character in the stories in this game. You will interact with other characters, chat with them, chat and do something together. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

However, you should also keep in mind that your decisions will affect future events. This is a feature of the visual novel genre, based on that to lead the story to the ending you want.

Discover interesting stories

Currently, Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels has four stories: TWO AGAINST THE WORLD, LAST LEGACY, ROADKILL, and HEIR TO LOVE & LIES. Some reviews from players think that the number of stories is too small. But with the experience of people who have experienced it, I have found that the playing time of each story is quite long and you may take more time if you want to understand the content inside it. You can also expect the developer to add more in the near future.

In the four stories above, HEIR TO LOVE & LIES seems to have a horror element. The opening trailer shows a ghost, trying to tell you in a dream that the main character girl has been murdered. In fact, it was her grandmother. After her death, the girl inherited an amount of more than 16 million dollars. The people around her have always wanted a part of it and chances are, one of them is the killer. With her help, you need to find out who that person is so that her soul can escape.

ROADKILL is about you and three other friends on a cross-country travel journey. However, strange things happened, making people feel scared. There seems to be a killer trying to follow. What will you and the others do to survive and return home?

TWO AGAINST THE WORLD is set in the 1920s Gatsby era. It’s a romantic adventure with a gangster. He brings the love you crave. Will you accept or give up that love when his identity is gradually revealed?

The last story is LAST LEGACY. You become the most loved cosplay actor. During a performance, you accidentally see a purple crystal and get caught up in a fantasy world. In this world, there are many dangers. You will have to seek the help of magicians, knights and use your magic to fight the evil forces. Can you complete the mission and return home safely?


The character line in Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels is quite diverse. You can chat and interact with more than 20 different people. Each of them has a remarkable personality and appearance. When you interact with them more, you will find that each person’s inner self is very deep. This is what makes the game so much more popular.

Some other features

Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels support archiving game progress. Thanks to that, you can switch between devices and not lose data. To store, you just need to access the settings, choose to log in with your Google or Facebook account.

The game also encourages players by awarding stars. You can get one free star every day, or watch each ad to get one more star. These stars are used to use the Premium Choice option.

MOD APK version of Fictif: Interactive Romance

Features MOD

Free Premium Choices

Download game Fictif: Interactive Romance MOD APK for Android

The visual novel genre is not new anymore, and so is the content motif of Fictif: Interactive Romance – Visual Novels. However, the game is still loved by the new, creative and profound stories. Now you can write your own story, decide what happens and meet the people you want. 


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