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15 Examples of Hypotheses With Definition And Types

The hypothesis is the statement that presents a problem, fact, or phenomenon that, through experimentation, must be explained and verified to ensure its veracity or not.

What Are The Types of Hypothesis?

In some types of scientific research, after defining the problem statement and the theoretical framework, the researcher must formulate a hypothesis, since it serves as a bridge to relate the theory to empirical facts. This contributes to the improvement and updating of existing knowledge.

Examples Of Hypothesis

What Are The 15 Examples Of Hypothesis?

1. Example of hypothesis in Education

  • Hypothesis: High school students who are victims of bullying are more likely to drop out of school than those who are not threatened by these attacks.
  • Research topic: Effects of bullying in education.

2. Example of hypothesis in Health

  • Hypothesis: Abstaining from consuming large amounts of alcohol for a period of one year can reverse up to 50% of the cognitive damage suffered.
  • Research topic: Alcohol consumption and its effects on the central nervous system.

3. Example of hypothesis in Science

  • Hypothesis: The application of biotechnological processes makes it possible to create and mass produce medicinal plants with better genetic material, faster and at a lower cost.
  • Research topic: Application of biotechnology in agricultural activity.

4. Example of hypothesis in Communication and Information

  • Hypothesis: The young population, called millennials, prioritizes the consumption of information through reliable and free digital services, over those that maintain rigid and traditional offers.
  • Research topic: Study on the consumption of information on digital media by the millennial generation.

5. Example of hypothesis in Economics

  • Hypothesis: In Latin America, women’s salaries are, on average, 22% below men’s salaries.
  • Research topic: How gender inequality is reflected in the accumulation of female capital.

6. Example of hypotheses in Psychology

  • Hypothesis: People who have large sums of money in their assets are more likely to be corrupt than those who are not rich.
  • Research topic: Study on the relationship of money with people’s value system.

7. Example of hypothesis in Health

  • Hypothesis: Children who play sports and have a balanced diet are less likely to suffer from diabetes.
  • Research topic: The practice of exercise as a method to prevent diabetes.

8. Example of hypothesis in Science

  • Hypothesis: The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through computational creativity can replace the human being in musical artistic production.
  • Research topic: Study to verify if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of developing intelligent behavior of an artistic nature.

9. Example of hypothesis in Education

  • Hypothesis: Effective reading helps children develop their abilities to communicate through spoken and written language.
  • Research topic: Reading as a tool to achieve efficient communication in children.

10. Example of hypothesis in Social Sciences

  • Hypothesis: Adolescent pregnancies are approximately 75% unintentional and are due to the lack of information and supervision of parents and representatives.
  • Research topic: The role of sexual education in teenage pregnancies.

11. Example of hypothesis in Law

  • Hypothesis: The lack of training in judges influences the issuance of wrong sentences in family courts, putting the safety of minor victims of domestic violence at risk.
  • Research topic: Judicial incapacity and its effects in cases of domestic violence.

12. Example of hypothesis in Social Sciences

  • Hypothesis: Ethnic minorities have greater political participation and political power in participatory democracies than in representative democracies, one of the most practiced in the world.
  • Research topic: Political participation of ethnic minorities in participatory democracies.

13. Example of hypothesis in Nutrition

  • Hypothesis: Lack of vitamin B12 in vegetarian diets may put the health of children at risk during breastfeeding.
  • Research topic: Vitamin B12 deficiency in vegetarian diets during lactation.

14. Example of hypotheses in Cultural Policies

  • Hypothesis: The high rates of insecurity and the lack of strategies in comprehensive policies to control insecurity decrease the economic growth of the tourism sector in the Caribbean countries.
  • Research topic: The effects generated by insecurity on the economic activity of tourism in Caribbean countries.

15. Example of hypothesis in Computer Science

  • Hypothesis: The increase in computer piracy in the music industry promotes the freedom of free and open distribution of musical works.
  • Research topic: The uses of computer piracy in the music industry.

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