Examples of Descriptive Text And Their Characteristics

A descriptive text is a writing that verbally represents the distinctive elements and Characteristics of an object, person, animal, place or situation. Descriptive TEXTS help to imagine the appearance of any issue being referred to.

Examples Of Descriptive Text

What Are The Examples Of Descriptive Text?

Let’s see below a list of examples of descriptive texts:

1. Prosopography

Prosopography is descriptive text that represents the physical traits of a person . Here we have two examples, a common description and another extracted from a literary work.

Luisa is a 38-year-old woman, with a dark complexion, a thick build and medium height. She is not very agile for physical activity, but from a very young age she has shown intellectual curiosity, discipline and great interest in scientific studies. For this reason, everyone considers her brilliant and passionate about her interests.

A little man with features like a bird of prey and silver hair opened the door for us. His aquiline gaze rested on me, impenetrable.

2. Ethopoeia

Ethopoeia is a type of description that focuses on the psychological aspect of people .

That’s how he was, all goodness. Generous to those he knew and those he didn’t. His empathy knew no limits, something that made him suffer for everything, without deserving it at all. In any circumstance he demonstrated great sensitivity, despite the fact that he was rarely seen to shed a single tear.

3. Portrait

The portrait collects the physical and psychological or moral description of a person.

When I think of my grandmother, the first thing I see is the gray color of her hair, short and curly, voluminous like her heart. Her eyes were slanted, perhaps because of wrinkles, perhaps because of too many smiles, but she barely moved when she blinked. As the great hostess that she was, she was always looking forward to welcoming us into her home, but especially at her table.

4. Caricature

Caricature is a type of descriptive text in a satirical tone, which exaggerates or distorts the physical, emotional or behavioral characteristics of a person.

Pepito is so short and has such a big nose that, just by breathing, the leaves on the ground start flying. Of course, their mouth and ears are proportional to their nostrils. With such auditory pavilions it is natural that he is so gossipy, since he can hear other people’s conversations for miles.

5. Descriptive text about an animal

The golden retriever is a dog breed that is characterized by a smooth, golden and shiny coat, of medium to long length, and has a soft and silky texture. Its head is symmetrical, with dark and expressive eyes that show a friendly look, intelligence and sweetness. Their ears are medium in size and hang naturally.

They are known for being kind, loving, loyal and very sociable dogs that tend to get along well with people of all ages and other animals.

6. Descriptive text about a situation

The day started out quite dull, and I found myself wandering absorbedly through the dairy aisle of the supermarket, which was practically empty. Suddenly, some old women grouped together took me out of my thoughts with their shrill voices. It was as if they were fighting, but in reality they were only debating, above the decibels of any normal person, whether a kilo of pippin apple was more expensive this week than the previous one.

7. Descriptive text about a place (Topography)

Originally based on a colonial checkerboard design, its current architecture is modern and cosmopolitan. The streets and avenues follow the natural curves of the terrain. The surrounding hills contribute to the scenic beauty of the city, and influence the local climate, creating microclimates in different areas.

It has a Metro system that connects it from east to west, once the most modern in Latin America. Currently, the city continues to expand towards the southeast, but faces enormous urban planning challenges.

8. Descriptive text about a work of art

The canvas The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, represents a half-length portrait, which is superimposed on a landscape with two atmospheres: a warm one (the lower one) and a cold one (the upper one).

The woman’s body forms a pyramid from the head to the base of the painting. Her face appears slightly tilted, while her hands are crossed and overlapping the arm of her seat.

Both the face, chest and hands receive the same intensity of light. A veil covers her loose hair, as a symbol of chastity. Her gaze is directed at the viewer and the corner of her lips seems to hint at a slight smile.

9. Descriptive text about a time

That year not only meant the entrance to another century, another millennium. It was going to be a year full of change, the year when everyone would turn eighteen and go off to college. An intense year that opened the door to other experiences, new challenges and new friendships.

10. Descriptive text about a character

Harry Potter is the main character of the Harry Potter saga of the same name by author JK Rowlling. He is an orphan boy, with white skin, dark hair and a thin build. He studied and developed his magical powers at a wizarding school called Hogwarts. Potter is characterized by his bravery and courage in using magic to face his enemy Voldemort.

11. Objective descriptive text

An objective descriptive text focuses on providing accurate and detailed information about the object of the description without including emotions or personal judgments .

A compass is an object that is used to orient yourself on the map. It is made up of a round box with a glass lid, similar to a watch. At the bottom of it, the compass rose is printed, which indicates the cardinal points. Inside the box there is also a magnetic needle that rotates freely pointing to magnetic north, allowing the person to orient themselves in any space.

12. Subjective descriptive text

In subjective descriptive text, the author emphasizes his personal point of view and his emotions in relation to the object, place, person or situation he is describing.

The month of August is my favorite of the twelve months of the year. Not only because it coincides with my birthday, but because in August we always go to my father’s town and I have all the time in the world to be with my friends there. For some it is a long month, but for me those thirty-one days of fun fly by.

13. Descriptive text in literature

He had his hair cut in bangs like a village sexton, and he looked formal and very embarrassed. Although he was not broad in the shoulders, his green cloth jacket with black buttons must have bothered him at the armholes, and through the opening of the sleeves you could see some red wrists from always having his sleeves rolled up. His legs, clad in blue stockings, came out of yellowish pants that were very stretched by the straps. He wore shoes, not very clean, trimmed with nails.

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