Evil Nun MOD APK

Evil Nun MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) – Horror in School is a horror mobile game inspired by the character Valka in The Conjuring movie universe. Once again, the devil in the form of a nun returns to bring extreme fear, haunting every viewer’s nightmare has returned and this time will be on the video game aspect.

What is Introducing Evil Nun MOD APK?

Although it is inspired by the character from The Nun, Evil Nun MOD APK has a gameplay that is relatively similar to a few previous horror games, such as Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s . In Evil Nun, you will transform into a boy who is being held by a mad nun. Your mission is to find a way to escape from her school as quickly as possible before she does crazy things on you. The game will definitely bring you moments of tension, suspense, stimulate your intelligence and courage.

Evil Nun MOD APK
Evil Nun MOD APK
NameEvil Nun MOD APK
Package Namecom.keplerians.evilnun
PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequestAndroid 4.4

Run away and solve puzzles Of Evil Nun MOD APK

The demon nun has an extremely terrifying ability, she can hear every sound in the school. Even a dropped key, a dropped book can attract her attention and she will go where the noise is. If she catches you out of your room… Pop! A sledgehammer will be hit directly on your head.

Each time you will need to wait until the next day of the week to continue your escape plan. Under the desk, file cabinet… are ideal places to hide from her. If you are caught up to the 7th time, you will be punished by the nun in the way of Satan.

As you run away from this sick school, you will have to solve puzzles that Evil Nun MOD APK offers to find more clues about the exit and more. Puzzles can appear anywhere in the school. By finding and using props such as keys, holy water, etc., you can gradually solve the conundrums and uncover the mystery beneath the school. .

It is worth mentioning in this game that you cannot deal damage or defeat the ghost, you can only run away, hide and decode. A cycle is always repeated. There will be no self-determination here. Passivity and fear are all you can feel. Good luck to you.

The laundry room also has creepy secrets

Locked up in this school full of ghosts, the first thing that needs to be done is to escape from here as quickly as possible. But wait, there seems to be something even more terrifying underneath the laundry room. Is it a ghost graveyard, another shady plot or a secret way out of this place? Before running away from this place, don’t forget to discover all the mysteries in the game.

Different difficulty and ghost mode

If you have passed the challenge of escaping for the first time, do not be in a hurry to win, Evil Nun MOD APK has 3 different difficulty levels! Increasing the difficulty to a high level means that the nun will move quickly to new heights. You may be able to pass the easy level very easily, but for sure, you will still have to sweat when trying out in difficult mode.

Another special mode for those who are tired of getting hammered on the head by the nun every day or simply want to uncover the mysteries behind the school, “ghost mode”. When in the ghost state, the player will not be able to be seen, completely free to move, perform puzzles without fear of being discovered by the nun. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to look at her directly and seriously.

How To Download Evil Nun MOD APK for android?

We know you know a lot about Evil Nun MOD APK, it’s time to download it. If you want to know more about Top Best Games If you want to download more Top Best APK, we recommend you to download Application, We recommend that you download the application. Click on the download button and download.

After many updates, Evil Nun’s plot is finally complete. From now on, players can explore the story thoroughly without waiting for updates from the manufacturer. If you are looking for a horror game, violent but also require the ability to reason and intelligence, this is a great choice. And if you’re home alone in the middle of the night, this game could be a very bad choice!


How To Install Evil Nun MOD APK for android?

A Mobile cannot function without an operating system. Installing an Application is, therefore, a critical step that every Android Mobile And Tablets user should know about.

Of course, most Android devices come pre-configured, which means Android comes pre-installed and you don’t have to worry about manually adding an operating system. However, sometimes you will need to install Evil Nun MOD APK yourself.

  • First, uninstall any previous version of Apk if installed.
  • Now click on the above link and >Download Mod APK.
  • Now open your android device >settings and go to >security settings.
  • On the Device Administration tab, there will be an option for >Unknown Sources. If it’s inactive, just turn it on.
  • Tap >Install and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once done, you will start to see the MOD APK icon on your android home screen, just open it and start using this Application.

You have downloaded and installed Evil Nun MOD APK, hope you like it The way you go to a restaurant, the waiter tells you the menu of your restaurant. Today we also show you the Manu of our website, maybe you like an application and if you download it, we will be happy. Zombie Tsunami MOD APK, Pocket World 3D MOD APK, VALORANT Mobile APK, Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD APK,ROBLOX MOD APK, TikTok MOD APK,, My Tamagotchi Forever MOD APK.

Graphics Of Evil Nun MOD APK

Evil Nun MOD APK does not have a massive graphics platform and is not appreciated in this regard. However, the simple image mixed with the gore and horror is more than enough to send chills down the player’s spine.

The first-person perspective is full of realism and horror, plus the ghostly sound that haunts the player throughout the game will definitely be a big advantage of this game.

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