Difference Between

Difference Between Dolphin And Porpoise: A Briefly Comparison

Difference Between Dolphin And Porpoise

In the aquatic world, there is a great variety of mammals that are considered true acrobats of the sea, among which dolphins and porpoises stand out.

At first glance, these two animals appear to be very similar, but there are notable differences in their size, shape, and behavior.

What is a dolphin?

A dolphin is a marine mammal that belongs to the dolphin family. They are highly intelligent and social animals that communicate with each other using a variety of sounds and body signals.

Dolphins are known for their ability to jump and perform acrobatics in the water, as well as their ability to swim at high speeds. They are also noted for their curiosity towards humans and their ability to interact with them.

What is a porpoise?

On the other hand, a porpoise is a marine mammal that belongs to the Phocoenidae family. Unlike dolphins, porpoises are smaller animals and generally have a rounded head and a short, stocky body.

They are often confused with dolphins due to their similar appearance, but can be distinguished by their shorter, rounded snout and the presence of smaller, less curved teeth.

Porpoises typically live in colder, shallower waters than dolphins and feed primarily on fish and squid.

In conclusion, although dolphins and porpoises are similar animals in many ways, there are notable differences in their size, shape, and behavior.

Both are fascinating creatures that deserve to be admired and protected in their natural habitat.

Below is a comparative table detailing the main differences between dolphins and porpoises:

Dolphin Porpoise
Bigger size smaller size
Thin and long body Shorter and more robust body
Sharp, conical teeth Flat and rounded teeth
Long and thin snout short and wide snout
They swim in large groups They swim in small groups
They prefer deep water They prefer coastal waters


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