Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK

Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Lives/Snowflakes) v22.2.0

Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Life/Snow), Anna and Elsa are preparing to hold a grand gala for the neighboring kingdoms, you will be in charge of the entire decoration stage so that the place The organization looks perfect to welcome incoming guests.

What is Introducing Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK

Something very interesting is going on in the Kingdom of Arendelle. There, Anna, Elsa and Olaf are in dire need of your help. More specifically, they need the expertise of a royal event planner – and that’s you!

Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK
Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK
Name Disney Frozen Adventures
Package Name com.jamcity.blackforest_goo
Publisher Jam City, Inc.
Category Puzzles
MOD FEATURES Unlimited Coins/Lives/Snowflakes
Version 22.2.0
Size 177M
Price FREE
Request Android 7.0

Become a talented event organizer Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK

The gala at Arendelle this time is held on a large scale, so the amount of work that needs to be done will be quite a lot. However, time is still long enough to create the wonderful scenes, with the help of Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

Let’s start with the bridge first! It is the first place the distinguished guests will see after a long journey. For now, it’s just an ordinary bridge leading to the kingdom, but a beautifully patterned carpet, lanterns, and flowers will transform it into a very impressive bridge.

Next, we will step inside the castle. There are many areas that need to be decorated. Oh look, the great hall – where all the messengers of the kingdoms will sit and enjoy the gala. Do not forget to prepare food, candles and flowers on the party table with delicious bottles of wine.

During the gala, the guests will also tour the castle. Have you checked to see if the advisor’s chambers are tidy? Do you need a new bed? The castle garden is also an ideal location. Elsa planned to renovate it, plant more flowers, put stone benches under the old tree and build trails so people can enjoy the beautiful scenery here. How delighted Anna must be when her older sister is so attentive!

However, all items are not available. To turn your idea into reality, you need enough snowflakes and coins before you start decorating. So join Elsa in a puzzle game to earn more snowflakes!

Exciting match-3 game Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK

Snowflake collecting is fun – you just need to match 3 or more crystals of the same color to get closer to your goal. Anna will tell you what they need, which will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Although there are quite a few jobs and they tend to keep increasing after each level.

But you know, the gala is coming very close, so you can only move in a set number of steps to save time. So choose wisely! A small mistake also delays everything and you never know, Anna’s pretty face will show how sad.

Notice the light blue crystals! They are the key to helping you overcome difficulties as they have the ability to create Elsa’s magic. She can use this spell to create a snowflake that will help you wipe out all the crystals.

But, how to make a snowflake? Surely, you have asked such questions to optimize your game screen. The trick is to match at least four crystals of the same color. You not only get snowflakes but also increase your score significantly to get more rewards!

When you complete each level, you will discover a new area in the kingdom of Arendelle. They will gradually be unlocked in sequence, the empty and lonely spaces are waiting to be decorated by you.

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Graphics Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK

Enjoying Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK, I felt like I was watching an animated movie. The designs are surprisingly realistic. It seems that the developer’s design team has taken cutscenes and character images from the movie into this game. So I had the opportunity to get up close to Frozen, meet a lot of familiar faces to chat with, and work with them to make the castle more splendid.

Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK version

Features MOD Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Network
  • Infinite Snowflakes

Download Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK for Android

Disney Frozen Adventures MOD APK adventure, you’ll discover the best of the wonders of Frozen’s castle. Exciting things await, as you embark on redecorating the kingdom of Arendelle and witness Anna and Elsa delight in your creative choices. This is going to be a very memorable gala!

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