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Different types of gazette

The gazette is a means of communication that consists of the periodic publication of news of various kinds, covering topics such as official, administrative, commercial, literary news, among others.

What is it?

Gazette refers to a periodical publication on a wide range of topics. This term derives from the Italian gazzeta, which in the 17th century was the low-value copper coin with which such publications were purchased in Venice.

In the 17th century, Venice was known as the cradle of freedom, and Italy was a power, so these printed sheets of paper circulated periodically, the content of which ranged from official news to administrative and literary news.

This city took the idea from the Chinese empire, who already had newspapers, as well as imperial publications where the punishments and graces dictated by the emperor were made known.

Later in Spain, the term gazette was coined for the official government newspaper, whose body was made up of 4 pages and included all the official decrees, so that they were public knowledge. That is, it was a precursor to the official State bulletin.

Gazette Features

  • The main characteristic of a gazette is to inform.
  • They can be published weekly, every 15 days, monthly or in the case of official gazettes every time a legal decree must be made known.
  • They address a wide variety of topics such as politics, art, law, among others.
  • They may include articles, interviews, news or others.
  • Nowadays, gazettes are published not only on paper but also on the Internet.
  • Despite its similarity, the gazette differs from the newspaper since it contains less information and is smaller in size.

Structure of the Gazette

Currently, the gazette is made up of a cover, in which the name of the gazette appears and then gives way to the header, as well as subtitles, date and the characteristic photo with its respective caption.

The back cover follows, with general information about those who make it and specifying its content. There are citizen, school, university, scientific, sports or medical gazettes.

The gazette gave way to newspapers and other types of printed communication, given the need for periodicity of publication. This allowed the evolution of printed media, resulting in newspapers, magazines, among others.

Types of gazette

Some types of gazette are:

Government Gazettes: They are written communication bodies that allow the state to publish information on public order resolutions or legal regulations.

Municipal gazettes: They serve to publicize the activities of municipal organizations such as mayors.

Student gazettes : These are publications promoted by students, university students or schoolchildren and serve to publicize relevant information about the study center.

Parliamentary gazettes: It is the official gazette of the legislative branch where the actions taken by parliament are announced, as well as the laws approved by it.

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