Difference between Mission and Vision

If you have a company, it is very important to understand the difference between the mission and vision of what you do. These concepts are of paramount importance, with respect to the future growth and success of the company, regardless of its size, nature, and type. It not only directs the course of the business and its workers but also helps promote your brand to customers.

Difference between Mission and Vision


What is Mission

A justification statement stating the reasons for the company’s existence is known as a Mission Statement.

The mission statement is the goals of the organization that need to be accomplished. Unlike the vision statement, the mission statement reflects all aspects of the company, that is, employees, customers, products or services, technology, quality, market position, and survival.

The mission statement should be written in a way that answers the questions: What do we do? Why do we do it? How do we do it? And who do we do it for?

The mission statement is the core purpose of the company. The statement represents the company to the world. It must be clear and complete, as well as it must be such that it reminisces in everyone’s mind. The statement has been developed primarily for shareholders, investors, suppliers, customers, creditors, employees, competitors, and partners.

What is Vision

A statement that defines the company’s long-term plans for the future is known as a Vision Statement.

The vision statement specifies the future goals and values ​​of the company. It does not change over time, that is, it remains the same. The statement must have clarity, specificity, conciseness, completeness, correctness, and courtesy. Someone has rightly said, “A man without eyes is blind, but a man without sight is dead.” This statement defines that a company without a vision will not survive for long.

A vision statement is helpful for the company to set specific goals. As the entire organization works to meet these objectives in a stipulated time. The statement is primarily developed for employees to understand the real purpose of the company and work to achieve it. Planning and strategies are also carried out in the same direction of the company.

Difference between mission and vision due to their geographical location

In the mission, the company refers to itself in local or regional terms, while the vision expresses something more aspirational and global.

The mission is always located in a specific place, that is, the place where your organization already operates. For example, a company that manufactures school supplies could say in its mission: ” We offer the best prices on stationery in Madrid.”

But the vision expands its scope because these do not yet occur; then you can speculate and be optimistic, so you can state what you aspire to be, for example: “ We will be the leading stationery brand in the European Union”.

Difference between mission and vision for their actions

Now let’s think about what actions a mission and vision entail. This way you will notice the difference between the two.

The mission has as its starting point the DNA of your organization: the processes, strategies, talent, etc. which you currently have. They would be the weapons that your company owns. Therefore, the actions are immediate, permanent, and specific (what your company can do today).

While the starting point of the vision is ethereal. It doesn’t exist yet, but it’s tied to everything you do with the quest; therefore, its actions are more comprehensive and long-term. It is like a compass that will guide each strategy that emerges from your mission.

For example, the mission of a company that manufactures shirts and t-shirts would say: ” Offer the best textile quality with state-of-the-art technology”  and the vision: ” Be a benchmark in casual fashion “.

You’ll notice that the mission specifically talks about using cutting-edge technology; the actions have to do with textile manufacturing processes and modern machines. While the vision speaks of being a “fashion reference”.

This will not only be achieved with efficient manufacturing processes or with state-of-the-art machinery and technology but also involves more complex actions such as excellent customer service, selection of high-quality raw materials, adequate deliveries, and well-located points of sale, among others.

Difference between Mission and Vision

The vision is a speech that discusses the desired position of the company in the future. On the other hand, the mission statement talks about the business of the company, the purpose, and the approach to pursue them. This is a difference between mission and vision.

The Vision Statement usually stays the same for as long as the company survives. On the contrary, the Mission Statement is something that can be changed if required by the company.

Another Vision Statement is a statement that is made to inspire potential clients or partners to invest in some way in a company or project. On the other hand, the Mission is made to inform accurately about the operation of the company.

A Vision shows what the future aspirations of the company are, while a Mission explains and focuses on explaining the central purpose of the company. The Vision Statement is shorter than the Mission Statement.

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