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Do You Know The Difference Between Judge and Magistrate?

  • Difference Between Judge and Magistrate is that a judge is a legal professional appointed or elected to preside over courts and make decisions in legal cases, while a magistrate is a lower-level judicial officer with limited jurisdiction, often handling minor civil and criminal matters.
  • Judges have broader authority and serve in higher courts, while magistrates handle less complex cases in lower courts.

If I want to be a Judge, what functions would I perform?

The judge is one of the profiles with the greatest recognition within the justice delivery system. Its main function is to administer justice. This is based on the evidence presented to you that corresponds to cases in which the law has been broken. To do this, it proceeds by judging and having what is judged executed.

The figure of the judge dictates the direction, punishment or penalty of a controversy or accused person. To do this, you must evaluate the evidence and evidence presented. They can be both in favor of the accused people and against the people under investigation.   All this during the trials.

Is there any other function that a Judge performs?

Another function of this union is to control that constitutional guarantees and laws are complied with. Likewise, judges sentence alleged conduct in oral and public trials. They also approve other types of alternative solutions to trials , as long as they are agreed upon by the different parties involved.

And, the difference between Judge and Jurist?

A question that sometimes arises is the difference between Judge and Jurist . In this regard, it should be noted that the jurist is the figure who investigates and studies jurisprudence (theory of law). This may be the case of law professors, philosophers or legal writers, among other profiles. The judge, on the other hand, is distinguished by the functions detailed above.

What are the functions of the Magistrate?

The primary function of a magistrate is to provide an impartial and independent review of a claim that has been filed. It may be by a Police Officer or another person.

What is the difference between Judge and Magistrate?

We show you the main differences between judge and magistrate!

  • Unlike the profile of a judge, the role of a magistrate can correspond to judges or public officials. This position represents a higher hierarchical rank.
  • Years of seniority influence whether judges and magistrates have this difference established. A judge who has experience in the performance of the position and an excellent track record may be offered a magistrate position.
  • Importance is also given to the concept of Supreme Court Judge. These professionals carry out joint work in courts or supreme courts.
  • Magistrate profiles are usually part of the Supreme Courts of a country. In the case of judges, they cannot occupy this position until they have completed three years of seniority performing their duties, as far as Spain is concerned, and furthermore, they are not considered as a person in themselves, since the judge is a legal entity; a judicial body.
  • It is also worth noting that, while judges normally carry out their work within a court, as a single-person body, magistrates work in a court , as a multi-person body, in addition to being able to practice within a court, in the same way.
  • The magistrates also determine the types and amounts of bail assigned to the detained persons who must appear before the judge. They also sign protection orders, authorizing police forces to transfer them to medical care or psychiatric hospitals.

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