Difference between Emergency and Urgency

When we talk about an emergency or an urgency, both things may seem the same to us. However, the truth is that there is a difference between Emergency and Urgency, let’s see what each of these concepts refers to and how they differ.

Emergency and Urgency


An emergency is considered a situation where life, health, property, or the environment is in immediate threat. In emergency situations, urgent action must be taken to prevent the situation from worsening. In some conditions, the urgent threat cannot be prevented and can only be alleviated by providing help later.

Some emergencies, such as natural disasters, which threaten many lives at the same time, are self-evident. No one needs to observe it and declare it an emergency situation.

Some incidents, which occur on a smaller scale, require an agency to observe them and then declare them an emergency situation. Like a pilot’s emergency call or an emergency declared in a war situation in a city or country.

Types of emergencies

  • Danger to life; When life is in danger due to natural disasters. It is the highest priority since human life is considered the most important.
  • Health hazard; when someone is in immediate need of some help regarding their health so that their life is not in danger in the near future.
  • Danger to property; When a property is in danger, such as a building fire.
  • Environmental hazards; As forest fires and oil spills. It is not considered an emergency that causes an immediate threat to anyone or anything but has a lasting effect later in the future.


Urgency is a state in which there is an immediate need for action. It can be described as a critical situation that requires a hurry. When something is urgent, needs immediate attention, or it could get worse.

Urgency standards are also set by the government and the agencies that care for them. The urgency is different for medical professionals, pilots, and other professionals.

Difference between Emergency and Urgency

The difference between emergency and urgency is established by the government and the agencies that plan and manage them. The emergency for medical professionals, pilots, for natural disaster management agencies is different and is compiled in their rule books.

The main difference between emergency and urgency is that in emergency situations there is an immediate threat to life, health, property, or the environment; while in urgency, there is no immediate danger or threat to life, health, property, or the environment, but if it is not attended to in a certain period of time, the situation can become an emergency situation.

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