Difference Between

Difference Between Domicile And Residence

Differences between domicile and residence

  • Domicile is a term that refers to the address or territorial district where a person lives.
  • Residence is the physical place where an individual lives.

It is very common to confuse domicile with residence, however, they are related but completely different concepts.


By definition, a domicile is the territorial district where a person settles in order to exercise their rights and fulfill their duties . Based on this legal definition, domicile is understood as any type of service that is provided in a person’s place of residence.

For example, all types of services that we order to be delivered to our home are known as “Delivery Orders”, be it laundry or restaurant orders or online home delivery orders.

In the legal sense, the domicile is an attribute of personality, that is, it consists of the place where a natural or legal person has its residence with the real or presumed intention of living or remaining there.

It is important because it establishes territorial jurisdiction to a court and the applicable legislation. It is also necessary to make official notifications to a person.

There are several types of tax domicile:

  • Voluntary or Real.
  • Conjugal.
  • Legal.
  • Contractual or Conventional.
  • Multiple.
  • Procedural.


The term Residence can have different meanings, generally referring to a home . In some countries it refers to luxurious homes such as mansions or palaces.

It can also have specific connotations, thus the residence of a head of state is known as an official residence and royal houses as a royal residence.

A residence is also a public establishment intended for the accommodation of travelers or permanent guests.

For the law, there is also habitual residence, which defines before a national or international jury a specific legal situation in refugee cases, which courts should deal with certain conflicts, and more.

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