Cocktail, cocktail or cocktail 🍹 [Resolved question + examples]

Among the many foreign words that have been adapted to the Spanish language due to gastronomy, a frequent query is whether to write cocktail, cocktail, or cocktail to refer to a mixture of something.

The answer, in this case, is that only a cocktail or cocktail is correct. Now we will see the meaning of this word, as well as some examples and recommendations for use.

Cocktail, cocktail or cocktail

cocktail / cocktail

The term cocktail or cocktail is a masculine noun from the English cocktail, which is used to refer to a drink made up of various liquors or flavors, a mixture of fruits, as well as a mixture of various things in general.

On the other hand, a semi-formal social event where cocktails are served on the occasion of a celebration can be called a cocktail or cocktail. The term “cocktail dress” refers to a type of short, a semi-casual dress that women often wear for these occasions.

The plural of cocktail and cocktail is cocktails and cocktails, respectively.

Regarding its use, in Spain and South America, the predominant form is cocktail, while in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean, as well as other countries with a Spanish-speaking presence, the preferred form is cocktail.

Both forms are equally valid and their use depends on the choice of the speaker.


  • I made myself a fruit cocktail / I made myself a fruit cocktail
  • Here they sell seafood cocktails / Here they sell seafood cocktails
  • I would like a non-alcoholic cocktail please / I would like a non-alcoholic cocktail, please
  • This cocktail is prepared with lemon / This cocktail is prepared with lemon
  • She wears a cocktail dress / She wears a cocktail dress

As you can see, its indistinct use does not alter the meaning of a sentence. However, for reasons of style, you should not mix both forms in the same writing, but you should choose one or the other.


This term is the original from English and its use in this way in Spanish is discouraged. If it is decided to use it in this way, it should be placed in italics indicating that it is a crude anglicism. The same goes for its plural, cocktails.

It is important to note that the word has the letters “ CK ” in the middle. For this reason, the cocktail or cocktail forms are not correct, since one of the consonants is omitted in them. The core cocktail is not correct either.


  • I won’t be able to attend the cocktail if I don’t buy the dress.
  • Maria organized a cocktail party for the weekend.
  • I will offer a cocktail for my graduation.
  • We drank some cocktails and then we went dancing.
  • The cocktails are refreshing.

As you can see, italics have been used in these cases. Now you know the meaning and use of cocktail, cocktail, and cocktail.

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