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Bionix MOD APK

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Bionix MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher Just For Fun Games. The game chooses dishes to simulate the strange, somewhat strange, DNA, cells, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms … things that you can only see through a magnifying microscope on documentaries or in a school laboratory.

Bionix MOD APK
Bionix MOD APK
NameBionix MOD APK
Package Namecom.JustForFunGames.Bionix
PublisherJust For Fun Games
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RequestAndroid 7.0

What is Bionix MOD APK?

The mysterious microbiological world under the ocean floor, do you dare to peek through the microscope and explore?

Bionix MOD APK is ​​a simulation game that everyone who plays has to praise and think about it

Many people have had to give the rain of compliments to this strange simulation game: Visually stunning, cool concept, great execution… and it is always at the top of the favorite Indie simulation games on Google Play. And it was holding me back to download and… a completely strange world opened up.

Bionix MOD APK is ​​a game that simulates the magical and vivid world under the microscope. Here on earth we are humans, living in an ecosystem of higher animals. But at the same time, there are many other worlds that we do not know or know very little about. One of them is what is happening at the cellular level, where humans cannot see with the naked eye but only through the most sophisticated magnifying devices. There’s life, defense, attack, hostility, interaction and evolution, and all sorts of other vivid forms of development that we’ve never seen before. Bionix will help you do the unthinkable.

The evolution of creatures in Bionix MOD APK is ​​the key to all the attractions

The game is the display of the microscope. The “characters” do not talk, do not fight each other, but there will be continuous approaches, exploration, eating cells and bacteria, collecting DNA, and constantly evolving into different shapes. In the game, you will be allowed to create a strange creature for yourself. Then slowly through the “consumption” of different objects, this organism will change its personal stats, evolve or propagate itself and then continue to seek, consume, evolve and develop. The loop goes on endlessly until you encounter a more ferocious creature and are swallowed up by it.

I think the person who designed this game might come from a major in biology, archaeology, or genetics, but the average person has no brains to think of such extreme levels. Besides, the simulation world in the game takes place very properly, according to the scientific definitions that if you have the opportunity to look it up, it is exactly the same in the game. Based on the simulation of real aquatic creatures from ancient times to the present day, Bionix MOD APK game will bring you countless mysterious tiny creatures such as diatoms, ciliates, bacteria, insects, and bacteria. bacteria, spirochetes, algae, and other finely modified and unknown shapes. But these friends are just food or mediocre enemies.

The main character and the levels of creatures that evolve from the beginning and then later are the things to talk about a lot in this game. 

Play the game and wonder, who am I, what was I before?

Perhaps in the old days, in the first biology lessons, you also heard that the first life on this Earth did not come from heaven like in the movie Prometheus, but actually came from the ocean floor. It took millions of millions of years of evolution to get to what it is now. Taking advantage of all the theories and the rich biological treasures of mankind, Bionix MOD APK has brought hundreds of legendary creatures with impossible 3D designs: Gastrotrich, Stentor, Infusoria, Ciliate, Nematode, Rotifer, Lacrymaria, Hydra, Tardigrade, and others.

Each species of creature, when evolved to higher levels, has a great change in survival stats, shapes, and different attack powers. For example, in the worm form, you will have venom from the sharp spikes all over your body, evolving into an octopus form, the weapons are tentacles.

Depending on the initial combinations, your creature will belong to one or several different species groups combined. From there, the path of evolution and development will also be different. 

The survival principle of the microbial world

This underwater world of thousands of anomalous creatures and complex bacteriophages is visually constructed, closely mimicking life, natural selection, and autonomous ecosystem evolution. The principle of survival is: being resilient, well-adapted, and fighting well will last a long time. Surviving for a long time will have the opportunity to evolve more and more diverse. Your goal is to stay as long as possible, evolving through as many lifelines as possible. The scores, if any, are for reference only. 

In fact, with a strange and academic game genre like this, what makes people eagerly awaited is the shape and transformation of the organism’s body from the inside out after each evolution and growth. go up. Not how scores or stats increase or decrease. I think this is also the feeling of excitement that scientists always have when they themselves observe, learn and follow a certain development process of organisms. After playing this game, I naturally sympathize with it.

Bionix MOD APK Game  is beautiful, the graphics are aching, the “stock” of creatures and life forms are countless, so much so that when you play for a while, you don’t know which one is with which one, just follow the inertia to see who is bigger and then run away. Whoever is smaller, try to swallow it. The music is almost nonexistent, but that is the intention of the producer, everything goes on quietly like that, in real life too.

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Playing the game thinking only is “If only I studied Biology more diligently back then”. Too bad, after playing, I still can’t get out of my head, I keep thinking that maybe my past life was a worm in the ocean. Come on guys, download Bionix MOD APK to play, but I’m so confused.

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